Friday, November 14, 2008

Mystics in Bali + 30 minutes!!!

No, wait! Come back!!
I just know you're on your way out the door! You're going "FFS, that guy is shitting me! Again!!" But no, really... I'm not! Someone over at Cinehound has... REALLY... found a version of MYSTICS IN BALI that runs about thirty minutes longer than the Mondo Macabro DVD!!!!!!!!!

Someone (in India I think) uploaded it to YouTube and tonight I watched the first ten minutes of it and... sure enough... it's got tons of stuff not in the DVD version!! For instance we get to see how the American girl meets her Indonesian boyfriend-to-come! Apparently this version was released on VCD in Malaysia but never dubbed into English. Very exiting!!

Check the Cinehound thread about it here!

Killer Snakes VHS

[Click scan for bigger size]

No, I'm not gonna review KILLER SNAKES or anything I just thought I'd show you the old Something Weird VHS cover for this dark and nasty Hong Kong horror flick because I think it's pretty cool! Nowadays you don't need to track down a copy of this rare video tape as there's a great looking HK DVD, fully letterboxed, in Mandarin and uncut (well, apart from some reel-end frames missing. Reportedly) and there's also a US DVD (apparently the latter isn't looking as good as the HK one!). However (again; reportedly) the Something Weird Video tape contains the reel-end frames that are missing from the DVDs.
(The scan comes courtesy of Stephen Gladwin from a post at Cinehound)