Saturday, October 31, 2009

Night Caller 平安夜 (1985)

Why would anybody in their right mind spend 25 dollars on a VCD from Hongkong (notice the old spelling, LOL) when they've already got the film on VHS. Twice!? Uhh, I dunno but I just kinda did. Haha. The film is Phillip Chan's HK film NIGHT CALLER from 1985. It's something as rare as a Chinese Giallo movie! It stars Pat Ha (who's obviously a big hero on this blog as she played one of the coolest hitmen ever in ON THE RUN, and in that movie she certainly has thee coolest hairdo of any hitman!!), Melvin Wong, Phillip Chan and Pauline Wong. And altho it often gets so-so reviews I quite like it (obviously!, haha). My VHS versions are the UK and Dutch releases from Eastern Heroes in Cantonese with English subs and slightly lbx.

Fellow blogs that fly under the radar but that you OUGHT to know about!!! ... "MACISTE AND FRIENDS"

Our good friend in Malmø (yes, the part of Denmark that the Swedish savages stole from us but which we will conquer again some day very soon, as soon as we finish our coffee and pastry) Lars Jacobsson has opened a spiffy new blog about peplum films! Yes, these films about big, muscular, well oiled men from the Roman empire and beyond.
Obviously his blog couldn't be entitled anything but
Maciste and Friends!

Check it out, it's pretty cool and if you're someone from the old Danish collector scene I'm sure you're gonna go: "Is this a pseudonym for Henrik Larsen?", LOL, but no it isn't. And as far as I'm aware Henrik is out of the Pepla fandom and like some King Kull Lars has claimed the throne of the Peplum insanity. xD. Please just don't make me sit thru all those films! Haha.

PS: I'm sure Lars would hate for you to think he himself were a muscular he-man so the pic on top of this post is obviously one of Lars being pissed on the train. xD

PS. PS: And do click the label at the bottom of this post for the other entry to this series; Jared's Worldweird blog!


Most of Godfrey Ho's movies are... well, how shall I put it... they are basically CRAP!! Cut and paste awfulness galore! xD. However, with a few (very few) of his films something obviously went terribly wrong... they actually became totally entertaining! It didn't happen very often and I'm sure Godfrey Ho would apologise to each and every one of us if he were here now, haha.

Here is a trailer for one of these very few films that are said to be over-the-top entertaining; MISSION THUNDERBOLT. But you'll have to take someone else's word for it cos I haven't actually watched the film (very difficult to find by the way, but luckily for me I'm awaiting the arrival of the Greek tape as we speak. Yay!). However, I've just discovered that some very nice gent uploaded a trailer of the film to YouTube just a few days ago. And what a wonder it is; It's NOT a crappy fullscreen trailer from a wobbly video tape but something as rare as a letterboxed trailer from a film print! Awesome.

Please notice: Due to Blogger's shit video window you can't actually see the full letterboxed picture so I recommend you watch the first video on YouTube instead.

I'm also including another trailer (bastard fullscreen and from video tape) which is shorter and differently edited. And you'll notice how awful the pan & scan format looks compared to the letterboxed trailer. Unfortunately, almost ALL the various releases of these Godfrey Ho films are presented in this useless shit format. Anyhoo, enjoy the trailers.

Friday, October 30, 2009

More Hong Kong madness: FURY OF THE HEAVEN

Thanks to Andras for posting this on Cinehound.

NB: I don't know if the title in Chinese characters read Gong Tau but this clearly isn't the English language title as GONG TAU is a different film by Herman Yau (and also the Chinese title for BLACK MAGIC). The title of this film is FURY OF THE HEAVEN and I just discovered I have it on one of my shelves!! I HAVE TOO MANY VIDEOS!!! Haha (no not really). Anyway, check out the clip, it's pretty WILD!!!

Hong Kong madness

I just won these two video tapes on eBay. The seller was an unlikely seller as it was a record store in the US that doesn't normally deal in HK video tapes so I guess that's why I'm happy to be able to report I was the only bidder! Yay!

The scan on top of this post is OPERATION PINK SQUAD 2 which is a film I remember from the old splatter fanzine days. It was one of the films that tape traders would swap as it was one of those crazy, wild and right out over-the-top horror flicks that splatter movie fans had just discovered at the time. Forget the first one, forget the (kind of) third one. This second entry to the series is where it's at!!
And needless to say I'm pretty stoked about getting this one!! I mean, it's on DVD and all but... you know... this is the original tape that you just couldn't buy in the old days!! It's pretty awesome!!!

Here's what Thomas Weisser said about it way back in the special "cinemasian" edition of the US fanzine Naked! Screaming! Terror! #4/5 (back when he had just discovered these wild films and he was still an entusiastic fan):

"The original OPERATION PINK SQUAD was a winner action/adventure film that featured beautiful girls with machine guns similar to the ANGEL series. This time, director Jeff Lau takes the girls, puts them into a horror motif and adds a touch of humor. The result is a remarkable excursion into the outlandishly bizarre. Especially enthralling is an awesome villainess who has the power to disjoin her head from her body. As her body continues to chase The Pink Squad through the corridors of the haunted castle, her head zooms at breakneck (pardon the pun) speed chomping, biting and nipping at everything in its path. The Squad then uses miniature helicopters to chase it and (in scenes reminiscent of the "ball" in PHANTASM) the copters eventually surround the head; however she chooses to self-destruct in an amazing explosion of blood and gore. And the FX are so good that one almost believes it all. There's lots more, including legions of "Living Dead-type" zombies and four Kung Fu mystics who arrive through a "door to heaven." These priests, armed only "with the power of musical instruments," go into battle against the creatures and (like an MTV video) kill them with music. This film is a must see extravaganza."

Thomas Weisser gave the film top marks of four stars. When he later reprinted the review in his Asian Cult Cinema book his enthusiasm had cooled off quite a bit as he lowered the marks to these wild horror films from what he had originally given them back in N!S!T! In the book OPERATION PINK SQUAD 2 only gets three stars and he omitted the line "This film is a must see extravaganza".

Unfortunately, I have a feeling he had "grown up" and somehow couldn't enjoy wild and crazy Hong Kong films anymore. I guess Japanese spanking films became what gave him his kicks (plus made up spaghetti westerns that never got made, LOL). Don't get me wrong, I love all his enthusiastic reviews and ramblings from the early years. I love them a lot actually. That issue of N!S!T! became like a bible to me and Weisser's and Timothy Paxton's ramblings were partly what got me off on a never ending trek for Hong Kong cinema's wildness and weirdness, a trek that lasts to this day. And for that I thank them wholeheartedly! (anybody know what became of Paxton and Dave Tordarello???).

The other tape I won is ENCOUNTER OF THE SPOOKY KIND 2. Yes, that one!! The sequel to ENCOUNTER OF THE SPOOKY KIND (aka Close Encounter of the Spooky Kind/Spooky Encounters) which has yet to be released subtitled to English on DVD (there's a beautiful French DVD but sans the English subs. Oh, and I have a very cool DVD-r of this version with added subs thanks to one very nice Cinehound member, Mr. White in the UK! xD!!!).

Monday, October 26, 2009

Dark Hong Kong: BLOOD SORCERY (1986)


Ahh, yet another dark & nasty Hong Kong horror flick that'll be coming my way soon (I need to pay for it first, LOL). BLOOD SORCERY! This is one I've actually never seen so I have no idea of how good or bad it is. But, uh, I had to have it. I've been after it for a while (you might remember I ordered the TaiSeng version directly from the company a little while ago but it turned out they had tons of VHS titles listed on their site that they didn't actually have anymore!). It's directed by Do Gong-Yue who also did THE DEVIL SORCERY from 1988 which is out on DVD and which I quite like.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I thought we'd seen it all with all the long dark-haired spooky girl films from Japan... but then comes this one along: a dark haired spooky girl... who... comes... outta... your... loo... arrrrggghhhhh

Crazy Japanese people, haha. Believe it or not this film is really called PHANTOM OF THE TOILET and it's Chiaki Kuriyama (you know, the lethal school girl killer chick from KILL BILL part 1. I haven't watched the film and may never get hold of it as the only English friendly release, believe it or not, is the OOP video-cd from Hong Kong (shown here). It's not even listed on IMDb which surprises me considering the legions of trendy fans of J-horror. However, someone wrote a review here.
Check out the screen grabs as well. I must admit it doesn't look too exciting but, hey, you never know.

And welcome to new subber Sehnzeleid. Spiffy blog there, dude! Basement of ghoulish decadence.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Brian (of the excellent Cool Ass Cinema blog!) asked if I've seen Tony Liu Jun Guk & Lee Tso Nam's THE MAGIC CURSE and yes I have. Lars Jacobson drew my attention to it a couple of years back (he told me he's so exited about it he always force feeds people with it. And thank you for that, Lars!) and I could have sworn I posted the cover scans here last year when I found and won the über über rare UK tape but damned if I can find the scans now. Oh, and to make it even MORE rare the tape I won is the INSANELY RARE Betamax tape!!!!! Either I didn't post them or I did but forgot to label the post and somehow it doesn't come up with the search function.

Oh well, here they all are anyway (and no it's not like I MIND showing off this tape, [I would have a big grinning smiley here if I could!]). Completely mint condition! I think someone bought it and put it in a drawer right away and never took it out again before they sold it off. It's an awesome tape; dubbed in English and letterboxed. I kept a close watch on it all week, every single day, when the auction ran last summer. I'm aware Miltos of Cinehound wanted it too. I'm aware there's both a French VHS and a DVD release but they are both dubbed in French which obviously is no good, LOL (this is info I have from French sites that I've checked anyway but you know how it is with Internet sites, sometimes they're not gonna list the English option if the webpage is intended for another market, however, the DVD probably doesn't carry the English track. But who knows unless you check :/ ). If you or anybody wanna look for the french tape or dvd the title is Au Pays de la magie noire.

About the film; The main character's uncle is reported to have crashed his plane over the jungle so he takes off on a rescue mission and encounters heaps of wild stuff. This film has EVERYTHING. It's completely whacked-out crazy! There's zombies, wild women, gore, nudity, insanity, all of it. Haha. No, I'm not gonna write a proper review but it's very entertaining, just take my word for it. I guess it was a product of Hong Kong's having been become tired of straight kung fu films and so they began to chuck everything else into the films to keep people's attention. Well, they certainly kept mine with this one, that's for sure.

The French VHS

- and the French DVD with a terrible, terrible cover!

[except for the French VHS cover you can click the scans for a bigger size]

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Two years ago I wrote an excited post on Cinehound because Efren C. Pinon's cool Filipino horror movie THE KILLING OF SATAN was finally being released on DVD. Unfortunately, it turned out it was a bootleg. A crappy bootleg I might add. So I began looking, and looking, and looking (and this is almost beginning to sound like one of Patrick's "I can't find that one tape which will make my hobo life complete" posts, haha) and for a long time to no avail.

But now, finally, two years down the line, I've finally got this much desired US NTSC video release of THE KILLING OF SATAN. Complete with the original intact cardboard box. YAY!! (well, that is I haven't actually got it yet as I only won it this afternoon). And mind you I almost lost it. I'd made a bid earlier today and then went off to a dinner party, came back this evening, forgot all about the auction, turned on the computer and saw the truly devastating eBay notification in my e-mail inbox: "You've been outbid, motherfucker!"!!! I clicked the link and it said 50 seconds left!!!!! Mein gott, I've never made a bid THAT quickly before! But all turned out fine and I made it just in time (I think it was about 10 seconds before closing time). I had won my golden nugget. xD
My apologies to whoever poor sod out there who thought he got it made. Haha.

I don't have a good scan of the NTSC tape other than the eBay one but here's a good scan of the Dutch release. Click the cover for proper size.

And here's the trailer fro the film (which by the way is uploaded by our good friend Pete aka Petcor80 from Cinehound).

Andrew Leavold's brief review from the Filipino edition of FHM from last year:

Greatest Pinoy Christian Gore Film: The Killing Of Satan (dir. Efren C. Pinon, 1983) On the surface a delirious Catholic horror - Ramon Revilla as a Jesus figure squaring off against a red-stockinged Satan! – but with much deeper roots in pagan folklore, and brimming with startling, primordial snake imagery.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dark Hong Kong: CROCODILE EVIL (1985)

Check out this wild clip from the Hong Kong horror movie CROCODILE EVIL. Another horror movie you can't watch. LOL. It's out on a long (very long) gone VHS from Ocean Shores.

UPDATE (October 25, 09): Patrick (of Bearded man blog) found this great Thai poster for CROCODILE EVIL. Gee, should I buy it? Looks too awesome not to but, uhh, all that money. Boo-hoo, lack of money in these situations is enough to make a grown man cry like a wee Japanese school girl. :(

[click scan for bigger size]

Monday, October 19, 2009

L'OSSESSA (1974)

Ahh, what a wonderful world as Louis Armstrong used to sing in my home when I grew up (his records that is. Not that Louis Armstrong was actually in my house) and wonderful it is indeed. Well, the world of VHS hunting at least. Thanks to a very nice collector in Finland I'll be getting this soon...

...yes as I'm sure you're aware this is the UK pre-cert release of the Italian devil possession movie L'OSSESSA (aka The Obsessed/The Tormented). Needless to say it's an EXORCIST ripoff. And a very entertaining one at that.

The tape is letterboxed and dubbed into English. I have no idea whether it's uncut or not. It is as I mentioned the pre-cert release so I hope it's uncut. I also own the uncut Japanese VHS which is also letterboxed and has the original Italian dub! Check my old posts about it here.

Unfortunately, the only way of watching the film nowadays (unless you hunt down a VHS, obviously) is on a crappy, crappy DVD from the US; fullscreen, English dubbed + terrible picture quality. And under a retitling I'm not gonna mention here as it's so bloody awful I'll just puke my guts out (again).

(Click the two top scans for bigger size)

Thanks Kurt, yer da best! And thanks to Fred Adelman who provided the US ad mat.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Fighters (1982)

Troma re-title: Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters

Here's the Greek cover for the highly entertaining Indo movie THE FIGHTERS directed by Jopi Burnama (who also did RAMBU aka The Intruder) and starring Eva Arnaz and Barry Prima. The retards at Troma re-dubbed the film and made it into a "funny" comedy (I fail to see the comedy) and cut a big chunk out of it as well. This version came out on VHS. It was later re-released on a DVD which includes both versions. The cover of the Greek VHS shown here is of a superior video version that not only carries the original Indonesian English title, The Fighters, but which is also letterboxed. It was on eBay last night and someone (a member of Cinehound, LOL) won it for the insane price of just over $200. I made what I believed was quite a bid but obviously it wasn't enough. :(

(click scan for bigger size)

The zombies at Troma also released a sequel, Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters 2, but needless to say this is yet another re-titling, this time of a film directed by Arizal (Stabilizer, Lethal Hunter, and many more) called TO BURN THE SUN. This film was actually made the year before THE FIGHTERS. It does however star Eva Arnaz and Barry Prima (and it's highly entertaining!). Fortunately, Troma left the original English dubbing as it were on the original export version. It's out on a fullscreen VHS (no DVD though). I also have the Malay VCD in my collection and from memory I'm pretty sure the Troma tape is uncut. However, the version to watch comes yet again from our friends in Greece where it's out on a letterboxed VHS. Unfortunately, I don't have that one eiher. Boo-hoo. :(

TO BURN THE SUN review from Trash-online:
More Indonesian insanity in this ultra-rare film by Arizal. Indan (Eva Arnaz) is captured by the killers of her father and is forced in a life of decadence and prostitution. Her fiancé manages to track her down and takes her with him. Her grandfather teaches her martial arts. The time comes when she is capable enough to face her tormentors... This is a truly bizarre creation which has a little bit of everything: over the top action, martial arts, melodrama, rape & killings, snake attacks, atrocious Indonesian disco, synthesizer and even country (!) music numbers and even a couple of gory bits. Plus the disastrous dubbing work that is expected from these films! It just has to be seen to be believed! From the maker of FINAL SCORE and LETHAL HUNTER! We carry a nice & clear, uncut and widescreen print. Probably the most bizarre female revenge movie ever made.

And welcome to Gary B (another dvdManiac I believe) who's now also one of my disciples. That's a cool blog ya got there, Gary. :D

Mga Reyna Ng Kagubatan

I'm looking for info on a Filipino flick entitled MGA REYNA NG KAGUBATAN over on one of my other 1001 blogs. If you have any info on this rare film please let me know. Thanks.
Go here.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Masked superhero chick in Hong Kong 1966!!!

I discovered this totally SPIFFY worldweird site last night with lots of strange movies and they had a thorough review of this seemingly wild and exciting flick. I'm not gonna tell you the title of it yet as I'm not gonna have you rush out and scoop up the last remaining copy of this way OOP dvd before I get to it!!! xD

My apologies for the crappy framing (as the right side of the video window is cut off) but for some reason uploading it to Blogger didn't work and altho I was able to upload it to Photobucket the size doesn't adjust itself. However, do watch the clip. It's pretty cool!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Too violent for Danish tv (almost)

This is a re-post from January but I'm still looking for a copy of this rare TV series and since I keep getting more readers (minus the ones who leave when they find out my "One Man One Cup" isn't about a guy who shoves stuff up his ass) I thought I might as well give it another shot.

Back in the early 80s I watched an American cop series on TV called Riker. Riker was kind of a TV version of Dirty Harry and I remember it was so violent that there was talk about it being too violent for local television here. Obviously, I loved it.

Did any of you watch it? I haven't seen the show since it was on television here back then which makes it something like 25-26 yrs ago. :o

I've tried to track it down but to no avail. It seems like it's never been released on dvd or vhs. But then again, maybe there was a vhs release in the US that I don't know about. Or somewhere else. If anybody knows anything please let me know, I'd looove to track down this show and watch it again. It was short-lived, there were only 5 episodes - but those 5 episodes, Madonna mia!!

Check more info on TvRageCom.

In his eleven years on the San Francisco police force, Frank Riker has always been considered a "hot shot." His methods are unorthodox, but he has the best arrest record in the city. After single-handedly thwarting a bank robbery, Riker finds himself facing a departmental shooting investigation. He learns that due to political pressure, he will be forced to resign in disgrace, the "killer cop." At best, he can hope to be assigned a desk Job. Deputy Attorney General Brice Landis, who owes a great many favors to Riker, claims that he cannot change things, but he can offer Riker a chance to do what he does best. Not a man to watch the action from behind a desk, Riker accepts Landis' offer that he work undercover, infiltrating major criminal organizations. Only Landis and Riker will know the truth, thus eliminating any possibility of exposure. This also makes Riker's life a lonely one, for his former friends on the force quickly turn against the renegade cop.
[Description from TvRage]

The complete series:
1: Honkytonk (airdate 14/Mar/1981)
2: Sisters (21/Mar/1981)
3: Gun Run (28/Mar/1981)
4: Crime School (04/Apr/1981)
5: Busted Cop (11/Apr/1981)

Monday, October 12, 2009

The greatest zombie movie, like, ever!!!

Woo-hoo, I'm finally getting a proper DVD release of Lucio Fulci & Bruno Mattei's ZOMBI 3!!! A version which is 100% taken from a film print mind you! NOT partly sourced from a video tape like the AWE and Media Blasters DVD's!!! Ahhh, life is good. Life is beautiful (where the hell did I put my coffee!? Haha).
The Japanese DVD is letterboxed and uncut (and yes it does contain the opening scene which is cut from the UK Vipco DVD). I can finally put the ol' Bahrain video to rest. xD

PS: Don't get distracted by the "2" on the Japanese cover. Obviously I can't read Japanese but maybe they did what they also did in the UK and renamed it ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS 2.

PS.PS: Yes, the headline is a gross exaggeration, LOL.

Now watch the trailer:

Thanks, Miltos!!!

NB: I wrote more about the AWE release of ZOMBI 3 here but it's all in Greek. xD


Original title: Gadis Berwajah Seribu

I watched the wild no-holds-barred Indonesian movie REVENGE OF NINJA tonight. It stars the Capo di tutti capi (the boss of bosses) of insane Indonesian cinema of the 1980s; Barry Prima!!! Other top names in the movie are Dana Christina and Advent Bangun. If you know your way around Indo flicks these names won't be alien to you that's for damn sure. LOL. And the whole non logical and fantastic mess is directed by Ratno Timoer who also among tons of other amazing Indo films made JUNGLE HEAT (which also stars Barry Prima and Mr Rambu hisself Peter O'Brian), DEVIL'S SWORD, and THE BLIND WARRIOR. This is not a review (I'll probably publish an incisive "Encyclopaedia of Over-the-top Indonesian Films" coffee table book at some stage, haha. Suffice to say if you liked THE DEVIL'S SWORD (out on a VERY nice DVD from Mondo Macabro) you're gonna like this one too. It's just as wild and the difference between the two is basically that REVENGE OF NINJA is set in the present. Or is it? I have a feeling the script writer kept forgetting that MINOR detail while he jotted the script down on the back of a beermat, haha. I own the rare Greek video release but the copy I watched tonight was a DVD-r from (also located in Greece) which carries the Japanese version which is fully letterboxed. The Greek tape is unfortunately fullscreen. Needless to say there is no official DVD release of this and it's most unlikely there'll ever be any. Boo-hoo.

Despite the ninja on the cover of the Greek VHS this Indonesian movie is not to be confused with a film of an almost similar title: Revenge of the Ninja (directed by Sam Firstenberg and starring Shô Kosugi).

Now watch the trailer:

Description from Trash-online:

The stars of THE DEVIL SWORD return in another outrageous Indonesian adventure! An army of scumbags armed with machine guns and rocket launchers attack a magician who possesses a magic necklace. They mange to take it from him but later it proves that its not the real necklace. That's when all hell breaks loose... REVENGE OF NINJA hardly has any ninjas but is packed with non-stop trashy violence and delivers everything you can expect from an Indonesian action film: huge explosions, tortures, beatings, unbelievable fights and the usual atrocious dubbing that you can't help but love! Our print is an ultra-rare Japanese import and is fully scoped unlike the Greek fullscreen print. Not to be missed!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stukas over Berlin. Zombies over Stockholm.

There were zombies in Stockholm today and Fred Anderson shot them. Here. Nice zombie chick here with tats and blood. Whereas the blood isn't real I'm sure the tats are. LOL.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Hey, it's October! xD
Have you got the pumpkin lights out and a pile of horror flicks?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Philipp, buddy, sorry!!!

I should point out that because I'm such a douche-bag and a moron I mistakenly wrote the wrong name in the COSA-NOSTRA ASIA post of the über-nice guy who sent me the COSA-NOSTRA ASIA video tape. It wasn't Kiba but Canisius (aka Philipp)!!!!!!! I probably mixed them up as they are both in Germany but obviously that's no excuse. I've corrected the post now. Now please excuse me while I go stick my head in the oven.

Hitting the hitman

A few people who read my blog do it on a regular basis and some come here via a link but I also get a lot of hits from people who are looking for something that's so completely out to fucken lunch that I'm just scratching my head going "Huh?" repeatedly, haha. Why they were diverted to my blog by Google I don't know. This is what people were looking for today and yesterday. Some of it I understand very well. Some, not so well (but actually they're pretty good, some other days I get heaps of hits from people looking for Danish, Danish porn, porn, and everything else in between that's related to porn and Danish, haha).

1. h bomb vcd
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23. mgm movie list
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33. the expendables trailer official
34. the lost empire (1983 film) youtube
35. turkish rambo download
36. uncut bamboo house of dolls
37. vcd cover criminals 2 homicides
38. watch bamboo house of dolls comment
39. watch thriller: a cruel picture online
40. 陳慧美 玉蘭花

I get at least one hit from someone looking for "One man one cup" every day. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm sure they get mighty disappointed when they find my video of a guy with an actual cup (that he doesn't shove up his arse). And I would recommend that the person looking for a download copy of TURKISH RAMBO went and bought it on DVD instead. Support the little indie video companies! DarkMaze who put it out aren't gonna put any more Turkish stuff out if they don't get their money back. And I'm sorry, I don't have any posts with Birte Tove with pussy. Haha.
Altho I don't usually mention it here Scandinavian readers might wanna keep in mind that I also have a blog here and I do update it from time to time.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


[Germany/VHS/German dub/no subs/letterbox]

Here's the German VHS cover for Bobby A. Suarez' entertaining Chris Mitchum film COSA-NOSTRA ASIA made in the Philippines in 1973. Canisius (aka Philipp) of Cinehound forum was so nice as to send it to me as a surprise gift (in order to get me to speed up sending him some stuff which... I was being slow doing. Yes, I'm a slow bastard, sorry to everyone who's still waiting for something!). Anyway, big thank-you's go out to Philipp!!! You're the best, mate!!! More people ought to send me rare films for free. LOL. And yes this is indeed a rare film! COSA-NOSTRA ASIA (aka Asia Cosa-Nostra) has never had an English language video or DVD release and exists only on video dubbed to funny languages such as German, French and Spanish. There are three different German video releases and the one Canisius sent me is a bit different to the one I'm posting here. There's white instead of blue and the pictures are arranged differently on the back of the cover. And it's a cool bigbox edition with the cover printed directly on the box. Very nice (and as I said a rare tape too). The German VHS is fully letterboxed and dubbed in German. I have no idea whether it's cut or not.


[HK vhs/fullscreen/English dub/Chinese subs]

I wrote a piece on the wild Indonesian THE WARRIOR (aka Jaka Sembung) series here and I just wanted to show you an awesome cover for the Hong Kong video release for THE BLIND WARRIOR (aka Neraka Perut Bumi) (which is actually a spinoff film from the series).

(click scan for bigger size)

Thanks to Miltos (of Cinehound).

INCIDENT on and off a mountain road (2005)

My second episode in the Masters of Horror series (but actually the first one that was aired) is Don Coscarelli's INCIDENT ON AND OFF A MOUNTAIN ROAD. A chick who's left her bossy boyfriend crashes her car on a deserted mountain road miles from anybody else. Well, anybody except some monster guy who's main purpose in life is to capture and have fun with girls who crash their car. ;o)
Coscarelli's episode is pretty good and very much in the same vein as films like WRONG TURN and THE HILLS HAVE EYES. There's a slightly different twist at the end though. :o)
It was nice to see a chick play the main character and she didn't even need help from some male stranger who just happened to pass by. Gee, wauw. The story line may exist within the confines of well known territory but I have no problem with that as long as the film is entertaining or/and well played (or has tons of gore, LOL). And INCIDENT is both entertaining and well played (there's some gore too). Oh, and Angus Scrimm aka The Tall Man from Coscarelli's PHANTASM films is in it too!

Here's the trailer:

Friday, October 2, 2009


I bought the entire first season of Masters of Horror on DVD the other day. I've only ever watched one episode of the series, that film was DARIO ARGENTO's JENIFER which I thought was pretty good and which was my friend Heine Sørensen's choice for the evening at a film night a few years back (men var det hos Henrik eller Nils? I forget). So, last night I watched my first episode and I deliberately chose John Carpenter's CIGARETTE BURNS due to the feeble fact that's Caspar Vang gave it a good review three years ago, haha. I mean I'm aware that some of episodes are reportedly crap so I wanted to start off on a high note. So, how was it? I hear you cry out in wholesome unity. Well, Caspar gave it four stars out of five and I can certainly vouch for that! The plot: Some young guy who runs a cult movie cinema gets an offer from a weird film collector (played by Udo Kier) to find a particularly rare print of a film. The film itself is apparently so extreme that a riot broke out in the cinema where it was first shown and it has a rather negative effect on people. This is not a review so it's sufficient to say that CIGARETTE BURNS is quite good and certainly delivers in the splatter department. Udo Kier is always a welcome asset to any film regardless of the film if you ask me. There are a handful of references to real horror movies throughout. Recommended! Now watch the trailer!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The undoubtedly coolest music video on YouTube!!!

When the day comes and those crook Russian ex KGB scientists finally get that time-machine into production I'll be buying a one-way ticked to 1983! And I'll tune it so that every time we reach 1987 it'll automatically send me back to 1983!!!

In case you don't know: this is the best band every to grace this sorry-ass world; Melbourne's The Birthday Party (altho they relocated to Berlin).

The above post is a re-post. I was gonna post the Birthday Party video tonight (it's just past midnight where I am) because of today's occasion but then I noticed the date I posted the video the first time; It was on June the 3rd just after midnight and when I woke up in the morning everything had changed. It was a sad, sad day. It's been almost four months now and it's still a sad day. There hasn't been one single day when I didn't think of my mum. So why now again? Well, The Birthday Party is probably my favourite band of all bands so that alone is enough for a re-post but, also, I hope today is gonna be a better day than four months ago. And yes today has to do not least with their band name. Hint hint.
Anyway dear reader, have a nice October 1st.