Monday, December 30, 2019

Name that Filipino actor!

Things move at a snail's pace here. I was gonna post the news about Andrew Leavold's "new" Filipino blog a while back. But I've just checked when exactly he launched it and it was bloody three years ago! Oh well. I guess it could have been four years ago which would have been even worse. Or five!

In any case, Andrew put up a new blog to basically index each and every actor that was ever in a Filipino genre movie. Not just the local Filipino actors but also any ex-pat who starred in them. The John Ashley's, the Nick Nicholson's and the Joy Bang's. Heeey, wait-a-minute... I just checked and he doesn't actually have Joy Bang in the index!!!

She was in NIGHT OF THE COBRA WOMEN. A performance which Kier-La Janisse called "a disaster" in a (very good) article about Joy Bang for the UK magazine Shindig in 2016 (i.e. #27. It's still available from their website). I quite like the film, though (it's on blu-ray and dvd from Scorpion Releasing).

To check out Andrew's "new" blog and a 1000 well known and some not so well known actors and actresses from the Filipino genre film industry of yesteryear go here.