Friday, October 22, 2010


So I'm at my aunt's birthday party yesterday.

Aunt (different one, not the birthday aunt): I've got a homepage for my practice now.

Me: Cool. How many hits do you get?

Aunt: Around a 100 a week.

Me: Cool. I've got a blog about B movies from the Philippines. The Stockholm Film Festival discovered it recently. They've sent me invites to their press meetings. I can get free passes if I want.

Aunt: [blank stare]

Me: It's fun to get discovered by a big festival like that. Of course, it's all just for fun, but still.

Aunt: [blank stare]

Me: Ehh, you know I'm the only one who does a blog about this. In the world.

Aunt: You could go to Stockholm. Stockholm is nice.

Me: Eh, yeah sure, but that's not the point, it was just fun to get the invite.

Aunt: [blank stare]

What is it with families??? o_O
They just don't get your hobbies or anything. Unless you tell them about a new job or that you're getting a baby they're just not interested. [blank stare]. Haha. o_O