Monday, November 28, 2011

One man, one Vreten

I've been wanting an Orgel Vreten lamp ever since I first saw one at a big indoor flee market (where I also found these awesome tapes) but their second hand one looked like it had 10 years worth of nicotine plastered onto it - and in addition to that the seller wanted $50 for it! I told him I'd pay him 25 bucks but the cunt argued a new one would be $100 at the store. Gee whiz, I just got an original lamp and it was exactly the same price as he wanted for his old stinkaroo fucker: 50 bucks!!! Only problem: you can only get them at Ikea and I live 3000 miles from the nearest Ikea shop. Anyhoo, my dad was gonna go there and I asked him to pick one up for me. He said what if someone stepped on it, but still, he got me one (yeah yeah yeah my jokes are crappy, next I'll be doing the "I flew in last night, my god my arms are tired"). So why a Vreten lamp I hear ya cry out. Well, cos it kinda gives ya the impression you're downtown Shanghai 1930 or something. It looks mighty cool and it creates a dim'ish light which means you can have it on while watching a movie and it won't be too bright and when you wanna go get a cold one from the fridge you don't have to switch on the bloody lights which are gonna kill the movie's atmos. Yeah-yeah no need to spell it out, brainiac, why don't I just get mah drinks BEFORE I press "play"! Well, COS I DON'T! ALRIGHT!! Haha. You should get a Vreten too!