Thursday, April 15, 2010

10 minutes from THE BIG BOSS PART 2 now on YouTube!

Much to my surprise the guy from Global in South Africa has now posted a 10 minute clip from Chan Chue's "sequel" to THE BIG BOSS (starring Bruce Lee) entitled THE BIG BOSS PART 2 (Tang Shan Er Xiong) from 1976!!!

The film stars Lo Lieh and Bruce Le (and shouldn't be confused with other movies that use the same title in some territories). As I reported recently I was informed by an member that the South African video label guy sold off his print to a cinema in Zambia. When he put up some DVDs for sale at the kung fu forum KFC recently I asked him if I could buy a DVD or DVDR of the film. I didn't think he'd be selling copies of it since he'd sold off the print and sure enough he said no. So why he's posted the clip on YouTube... is anybody's guess. I so wish he'd just put out the film on a cheap DVD. Or even just a DVDR would do. I just wanna watch the damn film, goddammit!! It's bruceploitation!!

So check the 10 minute clip posted on top. As I've mentioned before the Global owner is sitting on a huge pile of film prints which he inherited from his father-in-law who owned one of the biggest cinemas in South Africa and throughout the last few years he's been putting out DVDs of what he reckons are the most profitable films. Mostly spaghetti westerns.

The DVDs are directly off the film prints, no restoring or anything. The Global guy isn't a film historian or film lover, or doing it for the sake of preserving or saving films but for the money. So no dough is spent on restoring anything which you'll see when you watch the clip. It's a quite scratched clip but I'm not an anal DVD geek so quite frankly I don't give a flying fuck about a few scratches here and there (and the fact that the print is English dubbed). Just gimme the bloody film. Now!

The old trailer which I've posted several times already: