Sunday, February 20, 2011

Riddle me this, Batman: What's better than Killdozer?'s TWO Killdozers, of course!!! *loud insane laughter*

This is a video from the legendary (lol) horror movie KILLDOZER and the soundtrack is by the awesome band Killdozer. And no it's not a real video but a fan video (but then again it's not a real Killdozer track either but a cover version of, well, you figure it out! LOL).

Satanic Crystals (Hong Kong, 1989)

SATANIC CRYSTALS!!! I've known about this movie for yrs but it wasn't till tonight I finally got to see it. "Wild" is probably the best way to describe it. Action galore and too many gory shoot-outs to mention (almost John Woo territory here, altho less stylistic, of course). The plot was... well, it was probably well detailed but it seems the director dropped 10-12 pages in the river, haha.

The print was half letterboxed, looked like a vhs, and the English dub was muffled. I checked the German dub and the sound was way better. Some of the dialogue was completely different, LMAO. The extras were a trailer for the film + a trailer for the Joseph Lai butchered version of CANNIBAL MERCENARY (which I spit on! [the Joseph Lai version that is, not the original film cos that fucken rules!!]).