Monday, April 1, 2013

Alright, bring on the virgin apocalypse!

I wrote about the upcoming German dvd release of ANGELS WITH GOLDEN GUNS aka Virgin Apocalypse here. The dvd is coming from the video label CineClub and altho there's still no word no a release date, Spannick, who works for the video label, posted some cool screen grabs from the release over on Cinehound forum. The screen grabs in the proper aspect ratio certain look much better than the fullscreen version of the film that I've got! Spannick has also uploaded a clip from the print and re-uploaded the film's original IFD trailer. Check them both out! (the trailer is posted in the post just before this one).

So, should I blame David Lynch or a bad childhood?

I had a dream again last night. In my dream I suddenly feel there's something under my right foot so I sit down on my bed and pull off my sock. There's a little head sticking out under my foot! Not a human head but it looks like some weird bird or some shit. Kinda like the baby's head in Eraserhead. It strikes me I actually saw it several days ago but it was still undeveloped under the skin of my foot, and I hadn't bothered to do something about it. Bummer! What to do now! It's Friday (in my dream anyway, in reality it's Monday but actually it wouldn't have made things any better as it's a public holiday here) and my MD's office closes at 12:00 on Fridays. Hmm, maybe if I'm quick I can find another doctor who's open and ask him to do something about the head under my foot. But then it occurs to me I should probably wash my foot first. How do I do that? Where do I go? ZAAP!! and as it happens in dreams I suddenly find myself somewhere else. I'm in a place that looks like a hallway in a school or factory or some such. Hey, there's the loos, great I can wash my foot there. But I probably need some help, so I start yelling, "I need help, can some pirates help me"! I have no idea as to why pirates would be good at helping me with washing my foot that has a head attached to it and soon I realise it was a daft idea cos although two pirates do turn up, they are members from some youth gang that just happen to... dress like pirates. I realise I'm in trouble but fortunately I woke up. Damn dream!

Note to self: Don't ask pirates for help if you've got a weird growth somewhere. Bad idea!