Tuesday, December 14, 2010

In yer face, mofo!! My ZOMBIE 4 is bigger than your ZOMBIE 4!!! Muuhahahaha

That's right, cabron! I got confirmation this afternoon that my good (and slow and über slack) gonif friends at the Dragon & Tiger eStore in downtown Austria have finally shipped their multo superb'o German DVD release of ZOMBIE 4: AFTER DEATH this way! (and they're gonifs cos they're charging me a whooping $32 for the disc and postage!). And what's so special about this DVD? Well, I'm glad you asked, paesano, cos watching this is probably gonna be more fun than an open casket funeral: This German DVD contains an otherwise never released (on DVD anyway) export print of the film running 80 minutes longer! And all 80 minutes filled with extra gory gore!!! ... ehh, I'm daydreaming slightly again there... actually it's only 8 minutes longer but, hey, 8 minutes is still quite a bit of extra gore, ay! Uhh, except we're actually talking dialogue scenes here (so I'm told). Oh well! In any case it's gonna be interesting to watch this longer export print. I wonder why the Italian version was exported instead of... well... the export version???

One more pretty cool thing about the DVD is the Italian version actually carries the Italian audio (along with the English and German dubs). Unfortunately, it's not subbed (not even in German) but it's still pretty cool. The export print doesn't carry an Italian track but at least it's English friendly.

The cover for the Japanese VHS which I'm posting here (and which is not mine, unfortunately) actually carries the longer export print. It seems the Japanese got all the good stuff on VHS while the rest of us were left with scraps.

Specs from D&T:

* Original unveröffentlichte 89min Exportversion in Englisch & Deutsch (im Matteformat 16:9 anamorph)
* Italienische 81min ungekürzte Originalversion in Deutsch, Englisch & Italienisch (im 4:3 System Originalformat 1.55 openmatte)
* Deutscher Trailer 1 und 2
* Englischer Trailer 1 und 2
* Italienischer Trailer
* Beide Versionen habe einen verbesserten deutschen Synchronmix.

Danish psychotronica

This is the trailer for Ole Bornedal's original Danish version of NATTEVAGTEN (aka Nightwatch) from 1994. He later remade it in the US (also entitled NIGHTWATCH). I haven't watched it for a few yrs but I remember it as being pretty good (altho some of the dialogue is pretty embarrassing, argh).

Photoshopped DVD covers just ain't the same!

"Satanic power overrides the devil's advocates"

Yesterday, I found this video cover for the old horror/biker flick WEREWOLVES ON WHEELS on eBay UK. Wauw!! You certainly don't see DVD covers like that. The tape is a Betamax and the auction is running for a few more days in case you're interested. I already have the film on Dutch VHS but this cover is just awesome!

EDIT: The precert Betamax went for $33.

Can it get any more awesome than being on ZMDb!?

Gee, thanks to a link from Tim Paxton (once the editor of the VERY cool zine NAKED! SCREAMING! TERROR!) I discovered I'm on Zombie Movie Data base, haha. Kewl!! Go here (if you don't know what I quite look like just check my profile picture in the bar on the right).