Sunday, December 31, 2017

Puffy #5 out now

It's 2 in the morning. I've just emptied my mailbox and found the new issue of the way cool Swedish flick zine, PUFFY!!

Puffy is totally old-skool; 32 A5 pages all about trashy flicks, some punk and a feature on speedway. Yes, speedway! Editor Magnus Jansson lööves Bigfoot movies, aeroplane crash movies, insect movies, what have you B-movies, etc.

This issue has an interview with author Thomas Block (who writes airplane crash novels, or some such) and the Mexican punk band REPTOIDES. There's articles about Tubby Hayes and Philippe Garrel.

And there's coverage of the, uh, speedway scene this summer. I think there's even a review of a bloody speedway film! Awesome, haha. And did I forget to mention there's a hefty book review section and a ton of film reviews.

The layout is old-skool but NOT bloody retro. Magnus simply is old-skool! No fucking 12 point font here, cabron. No huge blank spaces (i.e. waste of space that could contain another three reviews).

Up until now print runs have been a 100 but with this issue Magnus has spat out a whopping 150 copies! Get yer copy today, paesano.


PS: Puffy is written entirely in Swedish!