Wednesday, May 19, 2010

THE HUNTED (Philippines, 1970)

Yes, yes, I know, don't tell me; that's SCREEN GRAB OVERKILL!! But it's just that Cesar J. Amigo's THE HUNTED from the Philippines, 1970, is sooo extremely rare that I thought it was justified! So kill me.

Just a word on the picture quality; If you think the screen grabs look slightly blurry you got that right! It's just my (our) luck that the only release of this film is a crappy Greek VHS! Not that all Greek video tapes are crappy, of course, but this one sure is! The picture looks like it's overmodulated like in the old days when you'd attempt to make a vhs-to-vhs dupe and the frequencies were too close. Actually, it's so bad I thought someone had switched the original tape with a dupe but that's not the case. Not that it would make much of a difference cos I may never find another copy anyway. Maybe it's possible to make a dvdr copy and remove the distorted image but if it is I have no idea of how to. I grew up in the jungle. Among apes.
Anyway, having watched my way thru many a pan & scan-un-dubbed-un-subbed-pixelating-taped off a VHS Malay video-cd I can say with confidence it's not that bad sitting thru this film. Okay, so it's fairly bad but the film makes up for it!

(plot run down & shit still to come)

Upcoming Mondo Macabro: Jesus Franco's SINNER

So far only two alternative covers. No release date.
Thanks to Worldweird's Jared who posted them on Dvdmaniacs. Apparently, the "covered up" version will be the one that goes out on store shelves. Hopefully we're talking a two sided cover here. xD.