Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No, no, I'm not green with envy just because IAN GOT THIS PICTURE FROM PETER O'BRIAN TODAY!!!

From RAMBU himself!!!

My mate in crime, Ian F. over in New Jersey, received this in the email today!!! Is that fucken cool or what!!!

Stay tooned to this blog for much more on Rambu and Indo movies in general.

PS: And if you're new to all this then do yourself a favour and click the "rambu" label at the bottom of this post and go ahead and read my other posts about RAMBU (the movie) and Peter O'Brian (who played the Rambu character).

Bollywood horror, Bollywood action, in other words... MORE BOLLYWOOD!!!

Hey, look what the mailman just brought me all the way from a small village in India:

RAAT (a horror movie)

INSAAF (a gritty and violent cop flick with song & dance numbers)

Obviously I haven't watched any of them yet and when I do I'd better take off the entire afternoon to do so; none of the films clock in before way after the two hour mark! Both are subtitled in English.
My apologies for the crappy cover scan quality, I just copied them off the seller's site.