Sunday, April 27, 2014

Code Red's second post-apocalypse film is... EQUALIZER 2000!!!

...and Bill says it's the fully uncut print!!!

A couple of weeks back I posted the news about Bill Olsen and Code Red's deal with Roger Corman to release two or Corman's post-apocalypse films that were shot in the Philippines in the mid-1980s.

At the time Olsen only released info on the first film, WHEELS OF FIRE, but not the second film. I'm not the only one who's basically creaming himself over this latest announcement. In my previous post I speculated in whether or not the second film might be EQUALIZER 2000 and indeed it is that film. Also directed by Cirio H. Santiago. Wauw. Just fucken w-a-u-w!!!

There's been a bit of worry among fans about which print Code Red are going to release, as there are cut versions out there, but Bill Olsen has stated on the CR facebook page that it is indeed the fully uncut print we'll be getting. Yay!!!

And also good to see the upcoming cover for this film is (like with WHEELS) basically the old poster art. Good on ya, Bill'o!!!

VHS ex-rental from Holland

I found a UK site dedicated post-apocalypse films that you might wanna check out. In good style with the subject the site is pretty... dead. But the old info on the films is there so give it a gander. Post-apocalypse

Overnight sensation by mysterious comic book artist

"The Fabulous Adventures of Angry Stick-man"

How often do we see new artwork on par with the legends of the comic book/graphic novel world? Where is the new Will Eisner, Hergé or Jean Giraud you may ask. Recently a previously unknown acteur has sprung onto the comic book scene.

Experts from both sides of the Atlantic are ecstatic. "I never thought I should say this but this is the new Moebius", as one art expert from the New York Post said on Friday.

But just who is this new wunderkind? Nobody seems to know. And it is likely nobody is going to know. As quickly as he arrived on the scene as quickly has he left it again. I'm going to post all of this mysterious artist's work in all its grandeur. Will we get more wonderful work from this young sparkling, upcoming star? Only time will tell.

It was rumoured a fourth entry entitled "Death of a Stick-Man" was in the works but so far nothing has seen the light of day. 

"Angry Stick-Man - At Work"

"Angry Stick-Man - Date"

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

TOME on psychotronic FANZINES arrives at Casa J

Marone!! Check this out, paesano!! I finally received the new HUGE book XEROX FEROX on old-skool horror/exploitation film fanzines!!! It's written by John Szpunar and it's 800 pages!! Mudda fucka!!! And printed in the old true A5 size format. The book is published by Headpress in the UK.

It's got interviews with heaps of zine editors from back in the day (a few notable ones missing: Michael Weldon and Rick Sullivan). I got the paperback version from Bookdepo in the UK at a cheap price. There's a hardcover edition but iirc it was three times the price of the one I got.

Tim Paxton is in it (NEEDLESS TO SAY). This is one of my fave issues ever (the Asianspecial on the right). I bought it at Minotaur in Melbourne 20 yrs ago.