Saturday, October 1, 2011

I woke up and there was a big ugly fly walking around in one of my slippers

And I thought, Yep, it's my birthday. >_<

Anyhoo, here's the GUN CLUB doing their awesome "Texas Serenade". It's from the "Miami" album and the uploader obviously used the old LP version. Unfortunately "Miami" never got the attention it ought to have had simply due to a terribly weak production. When Sympathy For The Record Industry re-released it on CD a few years back they remastered it and the album finally got the power it ought to have had from the beginning. I know-I know, the CD is a victim of the Loudness War and the music is compressed too much or whatever. But it STILL sounds better on my cheap ghettoblaster with its more powerful sound than the MUCH too weak vinyl version. If I had expensive stereo equipment then it might be a problem. As it is it isn't. So sue me. xD