Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Super rare Cuneyt Arkin film on super expensive DVD

A little while back Bill Barounis wrote this on his Onar blog:


In a previous post I was talking about a mad greedy collector in Ankara who owns 100's of 16mm films, most of them obscure titles that were considered to be LOST.

Some of them are the superhero films RUZGAR HAFIYE, BOMBALA OSKI BOMBALA, KAMCILI KADIN (KINOVA 3) or Cuneyt Arkin's LOST 60's actioner CEHENEMME BIR YOLCU.

Too bad the costs were so gigantic that I decided to buy ONLY the aforementioned 2 titles, RINGO GESTAPO'YA KARSI & that secret LOST KILINK film.

I've just discovered that there's is now a limited DVD release of CEHENEMME BIR YOLCU and there's a seller on German eBay who has it. But this is fucken insane: He is charging 300 dollars for a copy of the DVD!!!

Check the auction page here.

What a bloody shame!!! My Turkish is a bit rusty (haha) but I think it even says it has English subs.

Anybody wanna cough up (and make me a dvd-r)???

Thanks to "Tombei" for info.

Cool and (hopefully) awesome upcoming stuff

I'm definitely looking forward to Dark Sky's upcoming DVD release of Arthur Marks' BONNIE'S KIDS from 1973. The awesome cover (from a Spanish poster) is provided by Marc Edward Heuck of Dvdmaniacs. Release date 29th of June.

Amazone.com description:
Product Description
Now Uncut & Uncensored On DVD
For The First Time Ever!

Get ready for one of the true lost classics of 70s exploitation cinema: Tiffany Bolling (THE CENTERFOLD GIRLS) and Robin Mattson (ALL MY CHILDREN) deliver eye-popping performances as small town sisters who murder their pervert stepfather and flee to the big city, where they ll tangle with horny private eyes, predatory lesbians, $400,000 in stolen mob money, and a bantering pair of black and white hitmen (Alex Rocco of THE GODFATHER and Timothy Brown of NASHVILLE) that historians cite as a key inspiration for PULP FICTION. Steve Sandor (THE NINTH CONFIGURATION), famed tough-guy actor Scott Brady (JOHNNY GUITAR) and Sharon Gless (in her film debut) co-star in this notorious drive-in noir from writer/director Arthur Marks (DETROIT 9000, BUCKTOWN), now fully restored in HD from the original 35mm negative with an all-new featurette for the first time ever on DVD.

Arkin galore!

I got a bunch of Cuneyt Arkin films in the mail today! Yay! They're all on Turkish VCD, all costume adventure films (in the vein of the KARA MURAT series), and none of them are subtitled! But none of these films' story lines are particularily difficult to follow; Their plots are almost as thin as Hanna-Barbera cartoons! Lots of action, beautiful women, and Cuneyt Arkin being, well, Cuneyt Arkin! xD.