Friday, June 29, 2018

Klaus Lemke NIGHT on Tele5

Tele 5 is screening a night of KLAUS LEMKE films on Monday (including MAKING JUDITH which isn't available anywhere else).

Lemke has been making guerrilla style movies outside the ordinary film industry in Germany for the past 50 years. He's 77 years old and still more modern and fresh than any other contemporary German film director. He doesn't make action films, just films about young people that aren't set in their ways (young as old farts bore him). He's completely unknown outside the German speaking area. I'll be having my dvd recorder ready on Monday - that you can bite into your own nose at (see, you even learn Danish 1970s slang gobbling up my prose, dig).

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Filipino remake of John Woo's A BETTER TOMORROW on the olde tube again!

EDIT: (9.5.21)
And... it's gone again. Some CUNT in Italy with a BOGUS one man company made a claim on the film on YouTube and the equally cunty cunts at YT removed the film. I complained to the YouTube monkeys and I wrote to the Italian dickhead but was altogether ignored by the bastards. This was a couple months back and last night I tried to upload the film again but it was removed right away. At some point I'll probably try and upload it somewhere else.

It's annoyed me for ages that the Filipino remake of A BETTER TOMORROW (HK, 1986) got deleted from YouTube so now I've uploaded the fucker myself! Hardly anybody knows about this entertaining remake, and Wiki completely ignores the film even though they have a section of ABT remakes! And no, I'm not gonna try and update their page. The people who run Wiki are weird and odd creatures. Years ago I tried to add Turkish remakes but they kept deleting my info. Oh well, fuck 'em! Here's a link to my old info filled post about FILIPINO A BETTER TOMORROW.