Monday, March 6, 2023

Reader's letter from LUX INTERIOR of The Cramps

I discovered Michael Weldon's film zine Psychotronic Video when issue #2 had just come out (spring 89). I found it at Tower Records in London and kept buying it till it folded with #41. Often I was pretty slow at getting new issues (being eternally skint and all) and I probably missed a couple of issues here and there but I've got most of them. When I published my own first zine (Banned in Britain) in 94 my first distributor
paid me in back issues of PV plus the PV book!

And I discovered The Cramps (via a live recording on BBC radio) in 1990 so I might have missed the name of the author of this reader's letter from Psychotronic #2!!!
This scan is from an uploaded copy at Archive,org - you can dl the full issue there if you want. I think they're all there, and they're free.
PS: Check the photo down below: Joey Ramone presenting that exact issue of PV! (from the following issue, i.e. #3). I wish Weldon would post (online) these old pix of celebs holding issues of PV. The old printed pix are, uhh, less than great 30+ years later (newsprint, i.e. now FADED newsprint!!!).