Friday, September 7, 2012

"Encyclopedia of Pulp Fiction Writers" - by Lee Server (2002)

I got this way cool book a couple days ago. It's a 384 page encyclopaedia that contains over 200 writers - the kind of writers who festered in the world of quickly written, quickly disposed of, and quickly forgotten fiction. Yes, the pulp fiction writers (of course many of them have since then been rediscovered and received their fame). Some of them I knew already and many I didn't (don't). The pieces on each writer are well written and interesting so it's not just a book for looking up specific authors; You can start from one end and work your way thru to the other end. It's a good read. I've already started. ^_^

I got the book from Amazon UK and altho it was a second-hand copy it was in absolute mint condition. Maybe it was a gift to someone who didn't care for it and put it away right away. I paid £2.74 for it!! That's 4 dollars 40!! The postage was more than the book. LOL. If you want a copy you might like to know there's also a hardcore edition (but the cover is a lot less cool than this one!).

Someone (I think it was in the customers' section on Amazon) mentioned the book was good when it came out but now it's made redundant by the internet now. What a lot of bollox! 75% of all information on the internet is written by morons who don't know shit, and it's practically worthless drivel. Nah, I'll take a book over fucken Wiki any day.