Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I stole my sister's boyfriend, it was all whirlwind, heat, and flash. With-in a week we killed my parents and hit the road.

I first discovered SONIC YOUTH in 1988 (or maybe 1989). I was living for months on end at the Curzon House Hotel in London and would religiously listen to John Peel's show. I had brought with me my ghettoblaster (that had a little TV in it even!) and I would always make sure to have a blank cassette tape ready for John's sessions hoping he'd play something cool. At one point or another he invited Sonic Youth into the studio, which was of course awesome, but for that session they decided to play all four tracks instrumentally! So I didn't even get to hear how they sounded "normally" (yes-yes, an odd term to use in connection with Sonic Youth!). Anyway, soon after I bought their "Sister" album (on cassette tape!) and the rest is noisy history. This video is one I've just found and which I've never seen before. And it's a really cool video too! The track is "Tunic (Song For Karen)" from their "Goo" album (the headline is from the cover). The band has existed for more than 30 years now and I'm happy they keep putting out records and I'm even happier they're proving that not all old farts have to suck musically and attitude wise. It's possible to still make interesting music after you've left your 20s - although a lot of bands for some reason try and suck as hard as possible musically and attitude wise. I won't soon forget that live video on YouTube where one rich and famous Metallica drummer during a concert blew his nose in a towel and then handed it to a fan. I must admit I lost all respect for the cunt at that point. Anyway, this isn't about shitty mentality but about a cool video; Do check it out, like I said it's pretty cool. xD