Tuesday, May 18, 2010

There's a reason for everything. In the words of our great present day philosopher Erik Cartman: "People piss me off!" .\_/.

Update on Bill Barounis: Back from hospital!

Bill posted this on Cinehound today. So good to see you back, Bill!

I'm back from Hell.

Thanks to each and every one of you who cared for me and sent me their wishes!
Times like this one understands how necessary friendship can be.
And in a fucking time like this I realised I got no real father or brother, let alone friends.

Only Miltos cheered me up with his 2 visits proving he is a friend.
Lefteris has already proven he's a good friend and this time he offered to visit me but I kindly declined as I'm aware of his disgust to old people.

As for the others, in the best case they just sent an sms via cellphone or made a call promising they would sure visit me but in the end, after 14 days in the godamn hospital nobody showed up.
Ok, they may not be bad guys or my enemies, but this way they just determined and defined themselves.
For some people, friendship is limited to just watching movies together or talking about them.
From now on, I'll imitate them.

For the moment, I feel and look like the zombie guy from Bob Clark's Dead of Night or the title girl of Rollin's Living Dead Girl.

More details about my nightmare on my blog, tomorrow.
See, I'm not allowed to use the pc for more than a few minutes each time...

Magdalena, Possessed by the Devil (1974)

aka Beyond the Darkness /The Devil's Female
Original title: Magdalena, vom Teufel Besessen

I watched the German THE EXORCIST ripoff MAGDALENA, VOM TEUFEL BESESSEN tonight. It was the second time I watched the film; the first time was about 7 or 8 months ago and the version I watched back then was the English dubbed print under the title THE DEVIL'S FEMALE.

Tonight I watched the original German language version and to my surprise there were a few differences! I originally just bought the German version (on VHS, the film hasn't been released officially on DVD anywhere, although there is at least one factory pressed reg. 1 bootleg DVD of the English dubbed version, which btw comes with RUBY, the blaxpoitation EXORCIST ripoff!!). However, I noticed that the English dubbed version is engulfed in a green light through out the entire movie! The German tape has the colours look normal. I bet the green was boosted to make it look more like the evil bedroom scene in THE EXORCIST! But when you compare the two versions the green light version just looks annoying!

And also, I noticed at least one nude scene in the dubbed version that had been toned down (i.e. alternative footage has been used, so when you read about a bootlegger offering an "uncut" version of the English dubbed print, pffft to that!!). I'll make a proper comparison at some stage. I also noticed an entire scene with a dog that was missing from the dubbed print!

Anyway, the film as such is awesome! It's both quite scary and it is by far the most sleazy EXORCIST ripoff there is! Whereas the possessed girl in the original film is an under-age girl the girl in this German ripoff is a teenage girl who spends half of the film being possessed - in the nude! And doing fornication movements with an invisible demon! xD!! If the bloody IMDb is right the actress who plays the teenage girl, Dagmar Hedrich, was actually around 40 y.o. when she did the film! She doesn't look 40 though. Anyway, MAGDALENA, POSSESSED BY THE DEVIL is highly recommended! Here's a handful of screen grabs from the German tape.

[intro text card from the German tape]
[from the English dubbed tape]
[title card in the German version]
[crappy title card in the English dubbed version. I doubt the dubbed print was originally released this way which makes me suspect the original English title wasn't The Devil's Female but probably a direct translation of the German title, "Magdalena, Possessed by the Devil"]

[notice the green "glow" in the English dubbed print]

Even Byzantine women know the true meaning of luuuve when it comes to Cüneyt Arkin