Wednesday, June 2, 2010

SLITHIS on DVD from Code Red!

1978 Fabtrak
PRODUCERS: Stephen Traxler, Paul Fabian
ALSO RELEASED AS: Spawn of the Slithis
A '50s-style scaly monster, a product of nuclear pollution, attacks people in Venice, California. A good independent project with a fun publicity campaign. Free Slithis survival kits were given out at theaters and you could sign up for the Slithis fan club and receive a free photo.
Michael Weldon (The Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film, 1983)

The old monster flick SLITHIS which until yesterday was only available on much deleted old VHS has finally been granted a release on one of those shiny wee discs! It's now out from Code Red but so far only available from Amazon US, not from Amazon UK. Hopefully it will be soon so I can save the 10 bucks I'd have to pay extra for ordering from Amazon US. It's almost robbery by daylight!


Yes, nice indeed! I'll be getting these two Japanese babies soon! Yay! I've already got both films but in inferior versions. Bruno Mattei's ROBOWAR I've only got on a boot from Trash-online (but a very nice boot I should point out. LOL. And off the very same Japanese release actually). And my Danish Juno Media VHS release of Santiago's WHEELS OF FIRE clocks in around the 65 minute mark. Juno Media was a Norwegian company so altho all films are usually uncut in Denmark unfortunately we had to suffer the cuts by the bloody Norwegian censors! (are you still out there, Patrick?). The uncut version runs 81 minutes so I'm definitely looking forward to this uncut tape. xD.