Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stoner aka A Man Called Stoner (1974)

In my parcel from DDDhouse yesterday I also received the DVD version of STONER (starring Angela Mao and George Lazenby) from FS/JS. I already have both the VCD version and the Danish VHS. And, uh, I'm still waiting for the DVD from PanMedia (yes some of you are going to hate me now, LOL).

Why all these releases? Have I got a STONER fetish or something? Ahh, no. LOL. However, there are no less than four different versions of the film! No shit! A short HK print (the one on the HK VCD), a longer HK print (which so far has only been available on the Japanese DVD but which has now also been released on HK DVD, which means you'll get two different prints if you but the same FS/JS release on VCD and DVD!!!), and there are two English dubbed versions made for the international market; one longer than the other.

And reportedly all four versions are edited differently!!! Very obscure and I wanna check out how different they all are. I know. Fanatical. xD