Friday, August 17, 2012

Bonnie's Kids (USA, 1973)

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I watched Arthur Marks' entertaining BONNIE'S KIDS on Danish VHS tonight and oh what a joy! Two young sisters kill their stepdad when he becomes a tad too horny and they set off to seek out their uncle who turns out to be just as rotten an egg as the stepdad. Oh, and you'll see where Quentin Tarantino got the idea for the one white/one black hitman team in PULP FICTION! At least the two guys in BONNIE'S KIDS look remarkably like the ones in Quentin's film. There's violence, nudity, cool action, and the acting is good. And the ending is pretty good (in a downbeat way) too!

The Danish VHS from VIDEO INTERNATIONAL is fullscreen but there's a letterboxed DVD out from DARK SKY FILMS. The two sisters are played by Tiffany Bolling and Robin Mattson who both played in other psychotronic films in the 70s. Among others Bolling was in CENTERFOLD GIRLS and THE KINGDOM OF SPIDERS, and Mattson was in lots of TV stuff like The Hulk. One of the hitmen is played by Alex Rocco who was in tons of stuff, often playing unpleasant characters (and he was good at that!). Highly recommended.

Hmm, I did a google and found a thread about the film on DVDMANIACS and it seems it was actually a good thing I watched the film on an unmatted video tape instead of the letterboxed DVD. Apparently the DVD cuts off way too much!

Unmatted VHS:

DVD from 35mm presenting the film in 1.85:1

Check the thread here (despite the lack of boobs in the 1.85:1 version I HAVE ordered the DVD anyway!). For a (great) longer review go here (that's also where I nicked the poster scan from).

Short trailer (incl. alternative footage to long trailer)


Long trailer (including old drive-in info videos):