Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS - trailer

Danish title: ILSE, HUNULVEN FRA SS. The trailer is from a Danish ex-rental VHS.
Thanks to Diabolik for the FB upload.

Thanks to Kent for the Danish ad-mat (posted on forum).

One armed executioners

How cool is this!! Our friend in Filipino fandom Andrew Leavold just came back from the Philippines where he spent time with about everyone who was ever working in Filipino films! I'm not jealous. Not at all. Not AT all (yeah right).

Photo copyright Andrew Leavold.

...and five years down the line I get the tape!

Gee! Five or six yrs ago I found the Indo war flick DAREDEVIL COMMANDOS on very old Danish VHS (carton case release from Westcon Home Video). Only, the tape inside the case was another release from the same label: The Korean war flick MISSION INFERNO! Fortunately, I managed to find another copy of DAREDEVIL COMMANDOS after a couple of years but still no case for MISSION INFERNO! Then skip to five years later (today) and I finally find another copy of MISSION INFERNO in an op-shop, this time WITH the original cardboard case and including the correct tape!!! Sometimes you NEED to be patient to be a collector!

Is it a good movie I hear you ask. Hell no. But it's RARE. Haha.
Check my old post about it here.