Saturday, March 12, 2011

Combat Shock on Danish ex-rental - on MY shelf. Finally!

My gawd! I've finally got hold of the Danish rental release of Buddy Giovinazzo's COMBAT SHOCK (aka American Nightmares)!! Gott im himmel!!! Trust me when I say I've been wanting this one for a looong time! I rented the tape somewhere between 1991 and '94 and at the time I thought it was amazing that this piece of cynical and pessimistic celluloid had been released here. And needless to say I wanted a copy of the tape (I mean a *real* copy cos OBVIOUSLY I made a VHS dupe at the time, LOL). Anyhoo, two days ago I finally received a copy of the tape. Whoo-hoo!

PS: This scan isn't of my new tape but posted on DEVAG on FB by Diabolik of Cinehound forum.