Thursday, June 27, 2019

Vinyl everywhere, everywhere vinyl

Yet another day with more vinyl records on the turntable. Some old stuff, some new stuff, som awesome stuff and some (one!) less exiting stuff. 

On top is a "new" 10" on red vinyl from L7 that I bought 8-10 years ago but that I've never listen to before due to not having had a record player. It's pretty awesome. The Necessary Evils: Scary songs about dead people riding on trains (of death) and stuff. Awesome. Actually double awesome. Johnny Cash does two songs in German! He was quite the linguist. Danes remember Johnny introducing himself at great length in Danish on local tv sometime in the 70s. The Burnouts: Long gone Danish garage-punk band. Trumpet-boy: This was in a pile of second hand singles I bought years ago at a fair. Cool cover but not my style of music. Jane Birkin: A way cool records (featuring Serge Gainsbourg) and a not so cool record, haha. The latter is a very odd release and boring track (same track on both sides in English and French). According to Discogs this was a free record that came with a bottle of Black & White Whisky. Jane Birkin sold out to Whisky! 

Motörhead 7 inch "Golden Years Live EP" and a 10 year anniversary record. The latter I bought in Yugoslavia in 1986! I always figured it was a bootleg but it isn't. I'm playing it as I'm typing this. Great innersleeve with lyrics and Lemmy's comments about each track + a ton of photos and some Kerrang hack's rundown of the band story.