Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Men trur jeg kan med handen på hjerte si at det er den groveste filmen fra skandinavia i historien"

Med hagla i handa og hora i panna!
Awesome! This is a new Norwegian splatter movie entitled HORA [whore] which is being released on DVD from Another World Entertainment in February of next year. I have no idea whether the movie is any good or not (feel free to send me a review copy, boys! xD) but the Scandinavian output of gore flicks is so small (read: non-existent) that just the fact that someone decides to make something like this makes it worthwhile.

According to AWE's website the film won the main prize at some film festival in Holland called But earlier this year. Also according to their website this is going to be a Norway only release (!!) I wrote to AWE and asked them about a possible release in Denmark or if fans would be able to order the Norwegian DVD from AWE or Absurd-online (kinda AWE shop) but now three weeks later I still haven't received an answer.

Anyhoo, in a thread on the Norwegian horror movie message board the director of HORA, Reinert Kiil uttered the line quoted in the headline that basically says he believes the film to be the nastiest film in Scandinavian film history. Let's wait and see if it can live up to that but it certainly sounds good!

Here's a teaser trailer:

I'd also just like to say hello to my latest follower; Raquel Crusoé from Brazil. Miss Crusoé is a famous pianist and I had a look at her blog and, eh, I have no idea what interest she would have in my crappy blog about messed up pop-culture. I thought of the possibility that someone else might have added her profile but I believe you can only do that yourself. Oh well, welcome Raquel in any case.