Monday, April 3, 2023

Deep Red #3 (Vol. 4) is finally out

The new issue of the relaunched Deep Red zine has finally come out! Well, actually it was a couple of months back. I ordered a copy from Amazon USA something like 6 weeks ago, but the courier fucked up and gave my magazine to somebody who lives a 100 k's from where I'm at. I hope they liked the new issue. I got my money back from Amazon but the wait was annoying and the fact that I still can't actually read the damn thing is even more annoying as I had been looking forward to it. 

Not least had I looked forward to part two of the Michael Weldon interview which we were promised for issue two (as it is, we have now waited more than four years for part two as issue no. 1 came out in 2018!!!). Tonight I've finally re-ordered the mag, this time from Amazon Germany. Hopefully the Germans are gonna be quicker. Hopefully I'll receive the wretched thing. And hopefully it's worth the wait and the price. The steep price I might add. STEEP! The bloody thing cost me 26 Euros! (28 American!). Also, the new issue is a mere 68 pages. Issue no. 1 is a 96 page motherfucker, and no. 2 runs a staggering 120 pages! 

And finally I'd like to know what went into the debate at the editorial meeting when they decided on the cover!? "We got an awesome cover made especially for issue one, and ditto for issue two - so let's just re-use a ten year old dvd cover, how does that sound? All agree? Brilliant! That's what we'll do then."  It doesn't even look like a Deep Red cover! 

Here's the old ones. Great splatter flick covers both of them! I have a feeling old Chassie would be scratching his head if he saw the lame cover for issue #3. Or are you not allowed to write anything critical in the world of film zines anymore? I sure got some flack for criticising the editorial decision to postpone the Weldon interview (four years!!!). Anyhoo, I hope the new one is good (however, it doesn't seem to be doing all that well, at least not if one is to judge from the number of online reviews. I can't find ONE SINGLE review of the new issue. Not even on Amazon USA!).