Sunday, August 30, 2009

Beware of ... VOODOO ON A SUNDAY!!!

Hard-boiled reads for hepcats

Uhh, I luuuve covers from old hard-boiled crime books from the 40s and 50s. They just shit all over any new covers. Period! Those dames, those cats, those crooks, those stiffs, THOSE DRESSES, MAN!!!

Actually, I don't read much new crime literature (altho my STAPLE DIET of present day reading is - needless to say!! - James Ellroy. That man is a "Napoleon victorious amongst his spoils, a conquering Caesar parading his troops", A G-O-D AMONG BOOK WRITERS!!! I would wanna have his babies if he'd let me!!! Okay, I'm going overboard a little here but you get my drift).

I got all these coves from this blog called Vintage Hardboiled Reads which unfortunately is now another floater in the harbour. Now, that's sad of course but at least it died in GRAND style: The cat behind it was called August West (probably not his real name) and one day he just said "Hey, I'm just popping outside, I'll be back soon" ... but he never did!!!!! Is he THE STIFF in the alley? Is he in the BIG HOUSE?? Is he on the RUN??? IS HE OFF TO BUMP SOMEBODY OFF????

(click the covers for bigger size)