Wednesday, August 10, 2011

AXED - "the most graphically violent Australian zombie movie ever made"

Axed is an Australian 'backyard' zombie epic that throws back to the grit of the late 1970's. Alone with his Axe, Bruce must slip and slide through the blood, the guts, the infected and a rag tag army militia that are hell bent on cleansing the town of all life. Then the dead start coming back to life.
[from YouTube description]

Arrgh, check out this trailer!! I haven't seen the film but this is how you make wild zombie trailers! Fan-fucken-tastic!! The film is AXED (2010) which is directed by Joshua Long (located in Brisbane and not unfamiliar with Mr Leavold whom you'll know if you're a regular reader on this here blog and/or my Filipino Vietnam War movie blog). Somewhere in Cyberspace I showed an interest in the film (how could I not!) and was surprised to get an email from the director. We got into talking about splatter indie films (he on he other hand was surprise to learn I'd actually watched the Aussie underground vampire splatter flick BLOODLUST at the Glasshouse in Melbourne shortly after it came out in the 90s, lol) and soon discovered we share a love for the bands BABES IN TOYLAND and GUITAR WOLF (and also - needless to say - a love for the Japanese ZOMBIE movie which Guitar Wolf starred in, WILD ZERO!!!). I asked him about a DVD release but unfortunately there won't be one for the time being as the film is still doing the festival rounds. Hmm, maybe you shouldn't watch the trailer, in the words of the crook replicant in BLADE RUNNER, "Have you ever had an itch you couldn't scratch?" The trailer certainly leaves an unfulfilled craving for MORE.
NB: the insane(ly fake Yank accented) voice-over is the director hisself.