Monday, September 14, 2009

The Jolly Boys ripping it up in the best Danish film ever

Yeah, here's THE JOLLY BOYS ORKESTER doing the surf in STENBROENS "HELTE" from 1965. STENBROENS "HELTE" is a psychotronic juvenile delinquents masterpiece no less! It was directed by Poul Nyrup and altho only his third film unfortunately it also became his last. Poul Nyrup is our psychotronic pride of Denmark. Needless to say most of Denmark still refuses to even recognise these films' existence and none of them are on official DVD (but ask and ye shall find).

Thanks to Kenno for uploading this!

If you wanna know more about Nyrup and his films here's an old article I wrote 6-7 yrs ago. Oh, I hope you read Danish. :/

Lady Exterminator (the Hong Kong film!!!)

In 1977 Shaw Brothers made a sequel to their DRUG CONNECTION (on Celestial dvd as Sexy Killer) called LADY EXTERMINATOR (not to be confused with the Indonesian films Lady Exterminator or Lady Terminator). Some fans seem to believe THE DRUG CONNECTION and LADY EXTERMINATOR are the same film. But they ARE two different films, LADY EXTERMINATOR being a sequel to DRUG CONNECTION.

If you check the two films on HKMDb they have different separate entries, different posters, different credits, different Chinese titles, and different year of production.

Anyway, there is someone in Germany who has uploaded the first few minutes of LADY EXTERMINATOR to Youtube. The print looks like it's from a real cinema print. It's very scratched, dubbed in English and has two sets of subtitles of which one is Arabic! Maybe the uploader owns a real film print. I've written to him but haven't received any reply. Either he's away on holiday or he may want to keep his secret film to himself. I don't know but I'd love to get a copy. Do any of you have a copy of this film??? Or even just know anything about it??? Thanks.

Intro credits for DRUG CONNECTION aka Sexy Killer:

Director: Sun Chung
Script: Sze-To On
Producer: Sir Run Run Shaw

Yueh Hua
Chen Ping
Chung Wa (1)
Derek Yee Tung-Sing
Shirley Yu Sha-Li
Shut Chung-Tin
Wa Lun
Zheng Lou-Si
Jamie Luk Kim-Ming

Director: Sun Chung
Script: Ni Kuang
Producer: Runme Shaw
Chen Ping ... Gao Wanfei
Yueh Hua ... Deng Weipin
Tung Lam ... Corporal
Si Wai (2) ... He Jingye
Wang Hsieh ... Drug Lord
Tin Ching (1) ... Ma-Yuan
Chan Shen ... Long Tou
Yeung Chak-Lam ... Third Brother
Tsang Choh-Lam ... Ballroom Cleaner
Wong Mei (1) ... Thug
Hsu Hsia ... Thug
Wong Pau-Gei ... Thug
Lee Chiu (2) ... Thug
Corey Yuen Kwai ... extra
Kong Yeung (4) ... Sergeant Zhangze
Lee Pang-Fei (1) ... Leifan
Chin Chun ... Doctor Jin
Lin Wen-Wei ... Wei
Lam Fung (2) ... Chicken Leg
Ko Hung (2) ... Drug Producer
Lau Jun-Fai ... Thug
Lam Yi-Wa (1) ... Jingye's Mistress
Lau Kwok-Shing (1) ... Liu
Mai Laan ... Gao Wanjing
Angela Yu Chien ... Margaret
Lee Hang (3) ... extra
Sze Wan
Kong Chuen (3) ... extra
Man Man (3)
Unknown SB-Actress(2) ... nurse

And here for your amusement: A major fuck up from a bootlegger: The idiots have put out a bootleg dvd with the INDONESIAN film LADY EXTERMINATOR (starring Eva Arnaz) but they obviously got most of the pictures from HKMDb not realising it was a different movie from a different country, hahaha. Why they didn't discover the mistake (considering they actually not only have a picture of Eva Arnaz on the cover but also the alternative title for the Indo film I Want To Get Even) is... beyond me.