Sunday, May 1, 2011

Anything else, sir? Alright then, that'll be £0.01 in all, sir. Credit card or cash?

I was about to say this is one of the cheapest DVDs I've ever bought - but the truth of the matter is that had it been any cheaper it would have been a freebie!! I've just ordered FIREFIST OF INCREDIBLE DRAGON from Amazon UK and I paid 1 penny for it!!! Alright, it was second hand (but they promised it's in great condition). I was surprise to learn that they would actually ship to international destinations (i.e. outside of the UK) which marketplace sellers often don't wanna bother with with really cheap DVDs and video tapes. Cool indeed! The postage is £1.82 (approx $3), LOL.

So it must be crap, right? Well, that's the thing... I have a feeling it may actually be pretty good! A while back, when I was desperately trying to find info on the two guys who directed LEWD LIZARD, I somehow got directed towards that film! I forget now what the link was, same director maybe?, but anyhow since it was already on my Amazon want list I thought What the hell, live a little! and took the plunge (LMAO).

I must confess I did look for a discount at check out like I always do! Haha, old habits die hard. Oh, and about the film; If the connection to LEWD LIZARD wasn't enough (whatever the connections happened to be!?) after I paid for it I googled the film and found out that the (cool) bootlegger FarEastFlix in the US actually has it on their page and the description would certainly have made me want to buy it anyway!

"A pile of murdered bodies part buried in the snow covered wastes of Nineteenth Century Northern China. Something is awry with ghostly spinning hearts sending the local crime bosses men dead into the trees of darkest night, only to fall to... the ground in the cold light of day.

In the Market, boss Liao’s right hand man Pao Sheng is sure that he’s seen Shu Shu, the young woman who Liao raped. Shu Shu was Kun Kun’s pregnant sister who took her own life after losing her baby. Pao Sheng finished her off in the wilderness, where her lover still holds a vigil for her. Is she a ghost returning to avenge herself? Liao and his men are a nasty piece of work but Ten Chee, the local law is gonna take them down. Only problem is Liao is a powerful fighter, exploiting the slave trade by capturing young women and doing as he sees fit with them. Meanwhile Liao’s number one concubine is impregnated by the ghostly heart and bleeds profusely from her womb. Liao is haunted by flying victims and seeks a Taoist priest to perform an exorcism in this more horrific forerunner to Mr Vampire etc."