Monday, April 2, 2012

Thunder (Italy, 1983)


Unfortunately, it seems like the Japanese VHS market is drying up a bit so if I don't post so much about newly purchased Jap. tapes it's not just because I couldn't be arsed to but simply because I don't actually buy any at the moment and haven't for a good while. Well, not until tonight that is; I've just scored Fabrizio De Angelis' (alias Larry Ludman) THUNDER.

The film is Angelis' Italian ripoff of RAMBO - just this time "Rambo" is a native American! And it's the film about which either David Z or Paul Cooke wrote in their splendid book "Tough to Kill"; "Thunder is an excellent and solidly made cheap action film which entertains, no matter how many times it is viewed". I've already got the first sequel (but not the second and final one) also on Japanese VHS. Needless to say, there are no DVD releases (I don't count bootlegs). Winning bid 40 bucks.