Saturday, November 17, 2007

Does the world really need another blog!!!

Hello unknown reader out there in Cyberspace,
So'eh... this is my first entry, on my first blog. Spiiiffyy! I could've sworn I'd never do a blog. Actually I've never wanted to do a blog! And seeing all those lame people with lame blogs that pop up like mushrooms everywhere always made me want to avoid becoming a blogger even more so!

So why a blog now you ask. Hmm, ehh, lemme just think about that for a while, LOL.

No, well, actually it makes me think of an old The Pretenders track where Chrissie Hynde sings: 'Circumstance beyond our control' - and I guess that's sort of what happened. Thing is I met this woman a little while back and, uh, fell in love but there was all this stuff about her that I wanted to ask my good friend Michelle in Melbourne about but I couldn't get hold of her, so I thought: 'Sod it, I'll just ask my mates at this horror movie forum I hang out at (yes, I know; ridiculous if not right out daft to ask members of a gore movie forum about relationships! Feel free to mock me, ha ha).

Anyway, to cut a long and excruciating story short; I wrote this forum piece about how much of a price you should pay (i.e. give up and stuff) for true love (she's a fantastic woman but also... problematic) and I got all these replies (both as forum posts and PMs). It was a total surprise. I had figured that if I got two answers I'd be happy. But I got a whole bunch of answers and pieces of good advise from these gore hounds (all male). So I guess never underestimate gore hounds' ability to think of romantic entanglements, ha ha. Actually they were all very good and thoughtful (well, except one from some 19 y.o. kid, LOL).

Anyway, apart from the replies on my love life, a few also commented on my writing skills (in a pleasant way I mean) and so... after a while I began to consider the possibility to do a blog. And, well, here it be! If you check the 'about me' thingy you'll see stuff about what I like and what not. In contradiction to many other blogs this one isn't going to be about just one subject like a special type of films or music or a diary or what have you. It'll just be about just anything I feel like writing about. It was kinda the same when I started to publish my first fanzine, Banned in Britain, back in '94. My initial idea was to do a full-on splatter movie mag but soon I got interested in other entertaining film genres than just gory horror movies. Not least cool movies from Hong Kong (or Hongkong if you will) and so eventually I began to include all kinds of weird and strange movies.

And so that's what this here blog's going to revolve around as well. All kindsa stuff. Whatever I think fit to include here. Anyway, it's late and I'll finish off here. It's been a long day, I'm tired, I still wanna watch another film (I'm staying home from work cos I've got a pulled muscle in my leg (veery painful) and altho I've already watched one movie tonight it was a crap one so I wanna end the day with a (hopefully) better one! Bye for now. Oh, and welcome y'all to this my new blog. Feel free to comment on whatever. Or to send me free money or lollies. Or something. Your friend, Jack J.