Thursday, November 25, 2010

The video nasty scare of Sweden: Studio-S & Videovåldet

Argh!!! Quite a few years ago I remember reading about Studio S and the Swedish video nasty scare in an issue of the old (and sadly long gone) fanzine Video Ferox and now... it's coming to DVD with lots of... but I know dick about this so why don't you jump over to me mate Jason's blog and read his cool write-up on this new release. Go here. Now!

Slice dvd

Did you check the trailer I posted yesterday? If not I recommend you do so right away at least if you love gory flicks!! I posted the trailer because Diabolik mentioned the film to me but I hadn't actually read anything about it. I have now and, whoah, it made me order it right away! Check Fred's review here. I ordered it from one of my fave DVD/VCD stores in Thailand, and it came to $11.50 in total (they have free postage to anywhere). Check the disc here. If for some obscure reason you want the VCD instead they have that too at half the price. The DVD has English subs, the VCD doesn't.

EDIT: SATAN OG HELVEDE!!! Diabolik just mentioned to me that the DVD I'm linking to doesn't have English subs (or at least the store page only mentions Thai subs). Bummer! Who could've known they've put out different DVD versions in Thailand of the same film already!! I'll let you know if it's got subs or not when I get it. Argh, for fuck's sake!!!

SLICE - gory Thai slasher!

Diabolik recommended this film to me and after having watched this trailer I certainly wanna watch it. Look pret-ty good!