Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sexy stewardesses and crappy kung fu!! Whoo-hoo!!!

Trailer for Cirio H. Santiago's FLY ME is now on YouTube. Sure it a short one, but never the less a sweet one! xD

I can't believe this is finally being released! As I've mentioned before, I'm only aware of two video releases and they're more rare than getting laid at a dike slumber party!!! (to coin an old Damon Foster joke from Oriental Cinema). And on top of that Shout! had decided NOT to release the film cos their print is too worn for their liking but it was the only print they had and fans (me being one!) kept bugging them about it. I have no idea if fan barracking helped but it's coming out now anyway. Whoo-hoo!! I can certainly live with the film looking like it was shot on celluloid (not everything has to look like it was shot on video if ya catch my drift. LOL).