Sunday, November 1, 2009

Santa Sangre

I watched SANTA SANGRE something like 15 years ago on a video tape from the UK (a 1'st generation dupe off a tape actually) and I've wanted to re-watch it for quite some time but instead of pulling out the ol' tape I've been looking around for a good DVD release for quite awhile and, well, lo and behold, here is it: A 2-disc release from Singapore! It seems it has all the extras from the UK release except for the commentary track and I didn't have to fork over the $99 as is the price of the UK Anchor Bay release (it's £50 on Amazon UK). This (official) release was only $24 including postage. Yay! Check it here. And the cover art is certainly heaps more beautiful than the UK cover and the old video tape.

• 2-DVD Edition
• All-Region
• English Audio/Subtitles
• QUALITY English Subtitles
• Anamorphic Widescreen
• "Echek" - A short film
• Deleted scene with commentary
• "La Constellation Jodorowsky" - An 86 minute documentary
• Rare Interview with the director