Saturday, January 28, 2023

Dead all night - at the Scala Cinema Club 30 odd years ago

Scala Cinema 1988
I lived in London from 1988 and for about three years. And I discovered the SCALA CINEMA CLUB almost right away (thanks to a brief mention in Time Out Magazine of a zombie film all-nighter).
Most of the classic cult films I hold near and dear to my heart are films which I discovered at the Scala; the Romero films, the Argento films, the EVIL DEAD, RE-ANIMATOR and HELLRAISER films, etc, are all films I first saw during the wee hours at a Scala screening (since there was a loophole in the British film regulations film clubs were allowed to screen otherwise censored films fully uncut!).
I once missed ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS one Sunday morning cos I had to go straight to work! I got Jane Gile's book when it came out in 2018 and now there's a new documentary film on its way (Jane Giles was the programmer at the Scala). I can't wait.

Here's a brand new Q&A from Independent Cinema Office: