Thursday, September 17, 2009

CATHARSIS. Tonight. Be there!!! (well, if you're in the neighbourhood, obviously)

I mentioned this a few days ago but I'll just say it again: If you find yourself in Athens tonight you MUST go and watch Fokion Bogris' new low-budget movie CATHARSIS! I wish I were there but unfortunately it's an outer-town event. About a 1000 K's out of town :o(

From left: Solonas Miyoko (stab victim), Fokion Bogris (director), Domenico Fusco (camera), Kostas Stefanakis (main character).

Oh, and Bill from Onar mentioned over on Cinehound that he actually has a small role in the film. And that he's dubbed. :D
He and Miltos of Cinehound will both be there.

Anyway, if you're in Greece this is where you wanna be tonight: "Nihtes Premieras" International Film Festival, DANAOS 2, Kifisias 109, Abelokipi, at 10.15 pm.

Esteban, a middle-aged ex cop, arrives at the city of Athens to stay with his uncle and look for a new job. He is broke and frustrated. A chance for a new beginning comes when the police chief tracks him down and asks him to take down the two of the most vicious crime syndicates in the city.

Starring: Kostas Stefanakis, Vangelis Mourikis, Christos Natsios, Vangelis Alexandris
Guest appearances: Yiannis Economidis, Kostas Xikominos, Tina Spathi, Nicholas Triantafyllidis.
Special Make Up FX: Disturbed Twins, Yiorgos & Roulis Alahouzos
Directors of photography: Bill Papas, Domenico Fusco Music: Cygnosic
Produced by Ground Floor Films
Written & directed by Fokion Bogris

The Expendables - the official trailer

Okay, you didn't reeealy think this was the official trailer, eh?

NB: Thanks to the nice guys from Sinematik (down Turkey way) for subscribing. Now please send me some free Cüneyt Arkin dvd's. :o)