Sunday, February 22, 2009

Barry Prima's Bloody Vengeance iz in da house

I finally succeeded in winning a copy of BLOODY VENGEANCE!!! Faaantastic! This is the Barry Prima revenge flick that fans of Indonesian films who are cool and namedrop Mondo Macabro titles don't know dick about, haha. THERE IS NO DVD RELEASE! It's only out on old-school vhs in Greece and might I ad a very scarce vhs release! I've lost it once before and have actually bought a bootleg dvd cos I never thought I'd ever manage to find it again (let alone win it)... but here it is!!! (well, actually it's still with the seller, LOL).


  1. You are a lucky man, Jack J. I didn't bid on this because I can't use so much money this month.

    Lucky lucky lucky.

    Congrats :)


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