Sunday, April 5, 2009

Centre Stage (1992)

[DVD/mainland China/letterbox/Cantonese & Mandarin/English subs]

I watched this about 15 yrs ago at a cinema in Melbourne's Chinatown and didn't really like it but the image of Maggie Cheung and her great performance as the (real life) tormented actress has stayed with me ever since - so although I initially didn't like the film I guess it must have had something that made it stay so vividly in my mind. And so... now's the time to go back and re-visit. Ordered this DVD yesterday. A mainland China release. Credits at HongkongMovieDataBase.

(An older DVD release with a much better cover imo. Click for bigger size)


  1. The cover has a haunting quality.

    I saw it at Melbourne's Chinatown Cinema, too.

  2. Really? Maybe we met. LOL. But then again we probably didn't cos (unless that's not you in your avatar) I don't remember seeing you. Back then (early 90s) the HK films hadn't caught on yet (to non Chinese) and whenever I went to the movies I'd either be the only white guy there or there'd be so few other Westerners you'd always be able to remember them, haha.

    And yes it has a haunting quality and I wish they would've used the same cover for the DVD I ordered.

    Thanks for your comments, Phantom of Pulp.

  3. Hey, I see you're living in the US + yr a film director, and that info added to yr having been to the cinema in Melb I would say your initials probably begin with M.S., aye? LOL.
    To me you'll alway be the guy who did the HK section of the coolest zine in OZ!!

  4. I went at least once a week (with my brother Colin) to the Chinatown from '86 up to about '96.

    Often it would be twice or three times when Raymond took over the Capitol and also played his films at the Russell cinemas.

    Chinatown, as I'm sure you'll remember, also played some of their releases at Hoyts Cinema Center, too, before moving their entire operation to the Midcity.

    I saw BULLET IN THE HEAD (preview) at Hoyts before it opened at the Chinatown.

    I still have hundreds of those yellow flyers and intend to post them occasionally.

    Glad you enjoyed my reviews in Fatal Visions.

    It was frustrating reviewing HK flicks then because there was little info available.

  5. From '86 to '96? Then we MIGHT actually have met! I was in Melbourne on and off from '91-95. :-)

    Yes, I remember seeing some of the films at Hoyt's Cinema Centre as well. Oh god, those yellow flyers, haha. I collected as many of them as I could. When I was over here I would ask my gf to go and pick them up for me. LOL. And also the big poster size one colour programmes. I've still got one on the wall in my kitchen (from July '95!). Yeah, those were the days. Do you miss that? Or are you happy where you are.

    My relationship with it all was obviously a little different from yours as I didn't originate from there but happened to "land" there due to romantic circumstances at the time.

    - And please do post some of those flyers! I'd love to see some of them again (unfortunately I lost quite a few of them a few yrs back).

    "Fatal Visions"!! Yeah, that was definitely one of my fave mags and thinking back it was probably one of coolest I ever saw. I remember writing to Craig Ledbetter circa 1992 in connection with my "Asian Trash Cinema" subscription and asking him if he knew the mag and he said something to the effect of: "dude it's one of my favourites" Haha.

    "It was frustrating reviewing HK flicks then because there was little info available."

    You're absolutely right; I reviewed HK flicks for a couple of Danish fanzines at the time and digging up info on these films was more difficult than... something really difficult!! Often reviews and articles would consist of 40% rumours, 40% guessing, and 20% valid info, haha.


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