Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hey Eric, I bet you're happy you're not stuck on a bus in a Filipino jungle hell on your birthday, aye!!

Many happy returns to Eric Tsang who turned 56 a couple of days ago (on the 14th). No matter how choppier he looks now and no matter how many silly movies he's been in - when I think of Eric it's always the overlooked nasty masterpiece FATAL VACATION I think of!

If you like trashy Filipino war flicks but haven't watched FATAL VACATION then I suggest you get hold of it. 200% entertainment guaranteed!
It's available on DVD from Dddhouse for the ridiculous price of 40 Hong Kong dollars (5 dollars US!!).

(I got this news bit from the HKMDb blog)


  1. Never heard about Fatal Vacation, but boy! It seems like a blast!

  2. It is! :-)
    Eric is a tour guide for a group of HK tourists in the Philippines but things don't quite go the way they were planned! I tracked down an OOP dvd a couple of years back and as soon as I'd bought it Fortune Star re-released it with better subs. Just my luck, haha.

  3. Anybody who's into trashy Filipino war flicks but not convinced whether they ought to watch this or not need only read DDDHouse's descrpition:

    From DDDHouse:
    "This outrageous jungle-set actioner from Hong Kong filmmaker Eric Tsang brings to mind such campy spectacles as Ernst von Theumer's cult favorite Jungle Warriors in its straight-faced melding of naive politics and ludicrously unconvincing gunplay. Taking place in 1985, the film posits a group of vacationers from Hong Kong whose bus is hijacked by Communist guerrillas in the Philippines. This hijacking sets the stage for rape, mayhem, and a sadistic Deer Hunter-style game of Russian roulette before the tourist group (which conveniently happens to include some triad gangsters who know their way around firearms) stages a bloody and extremely loud escape."

  4. Great to see this getting mentioned.

    It's a terrific film. Very brutal, at times, too.

    Nicely shot also.

    Interesting how Eric has gone from a high-pitched squealer in 80's HK actioners to hard-edged, low key crime boss in INFERNAL AFFAIRS.

    I think my least favorite movie of his was THE SNIPING.

  5. I can't remember, but is FATAL VACATION CAT 2 or 3?

  6. Patrick; it includes over-the-top violence, torture and rape! Yes, it's a Cat III film. LOL.

    Phantom; Thanks, and yes you're right. I haven't seen THE SNIPING so I don't know what I'd think of that. Oh, and he was cool in THE LAST BLOOD, too (which was retitled Hardboiled 2 in the UK, haha).

  7. A Huge vote of approval for Fatal Vacation from me too. A great slice of Hong Kong brutality. How simplistically evocate & extremely Cool is that classic poster art for the DVD with the knife in the ground !?. Awesome stuff.

  8. Fatal Vacation or no Fatal Vacation, I love Eric Tsang, great actor and director.


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