Monday, May 25, 2009

"Made in Hong Kong" index # list

I've begun to make a complete index list of releases from the "Made in Hong Kong" video label (UK) but I don't have all the tapes so either I'll have to wait till I get hold of them... or you write and tell me (that is if you have any of the tapes I haven't got. Obviously. LOL). The list is online over at Cinehound and you'll find it right here. If you're not a member there you can just post 'em here in the commentary box (or become a member at Cinehound, haha). Cheers.


Oh, and if anyone has a complete list of "Eastern Heroes" releases that would be VERY appreciated as well!!


  1. THE FLIRTING SCHOLAR is 047 and GOD OF GAMBLERS 3 is 031. Both theatrically subbed.I had quite a few of them back in the day,some promo stuff as well(like MIHK posters).

  2. Thanks, Andras. Much appreciated.


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