Saturday, June 27, 2009

ALL HAIL THE CLONES! (or: More fake Bruce Lee stuff)

I've just found a rare trailer for BRUCE LEE IN NEW GUINEA on YouTube. It was posted only a short while ago and since I have never been able to find one before this is def. cool.

Uhhh, in my "The ONLY real Bruce Le" post I only mentioned two of his films... and now it dawns on me that one of the films (GUINEA) actually stars Bruce Li. For Christ's sakes!!! Hahaha.

And check this brief video out. Mein gott! Talk about fanaticism!!! (which is quite alright in my book).


  1. Hi Jack,

    first I want to tell you that your Blog is great :-)!

    "Bruce Lee in New Guinea" is a really nice movie, with a spicy "Indonesian" flavour. And, most important, it features a kung-fu fighting gorilla (unfortunately only in a minor role)! Is there anything more awesome in this world than a freakin' kung-fu gorilla? If there is, I wouldn't wanna know. ;-)

    For more Bruce Li and kung-fu gorilla madness you have to check out "Bruce Lee the Invincible", if you haven't already seen it!

    Greetings from Austria and have a nice day!


  2. Hi Hannes,

    Thank you so much for your kind words.

    And no; if there's anything more awesome than the gorilla in "B.L. in New Guinea" I don't wanna know either! LOL. Oh man, that scene is incredible. The whole film is awesome. I actually reviewed it for my fanzine "Stay Sick!" five years ago.

    Already from the start everything is jaw-droppingly awesome: Bruce Lee is out for a jog and is attacked by a bunch of muggers. He knocks their lights out and while they're lying on the street one of Bruce's friends drives up and says: "Come with me I've got something to show you", as if it's the most natural thing in the world that there's five goons lying unconscious on the street, haha.

    Thanks for the tip about "Invincible". I already have the film but haven't watched it yet.


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