Monday, June 29, 2009


[VHS/Greece/fullscreen/English dub/Greek subs]

Here are two trailers for the wild Indonesian Barry Prima and Eva Arnaz films BLOODY VENGEANCE (aka Darah Perjaka) and LADY EXTERMINATOR (aka Barang Terlarang)!!! Needless to say they are high on entertainment value!! Watch them both if you get a chance (the two trailers are joint together in one video)

The only English dubbed release of BLOODY VENGEANCE is the Greek VHS shown in the above. It's also out on Malay VCD but my Indo buddy (in downtown Germany) Kothar tells me his VCD clocks in much quicker than my VHS so it's either cut or runs at a quicker pace.

[VCD/Malaysia/fullscreen/Indonesian audio/no subs]
The VCD cover comes courtesy of Kothar.

[Pakistani poster]

Here's my Danish VHS release of LADY EXTERMINATOR. It's also known as I Want To Get Even and Violent Killer. For some reason the narrator in both the trailer and the film keeps calling it Violent Assassins every time the title Violent Killer is onscreen. :/

[VHS/Denmark/letterbox/English dub/Danish subs]
[click scan for bigger size]

[VCD/Indonesia/fullscreen/Indonesian audio/no subs]

And how's this for weirdness!! :-O
This is the Pakistani poster for the Japanese girl gang film GO FOR BROKE (which needless to say doesn't star Eva Arnaz in her Lady Exterminator outfit)!!!

[French poster]


  1. I might get Bloody Vengeance in a few days. Cross mah fingers!

    But sssh! Don't tell anyone.

  2. I won't. :-) But if you're going for the one I'm thinking of then remember to check the quality indications of the tape. Just saying.

  3. I didn't make a bid for it. I know it's a rare tape, but the quality of the tape wasn't as good as I've had wanted. Is the tape on Cinehound still for sale?

  4. On Cinehound? I didn't know there was one for sale on Cinehound. The one Bill had is gone.

  5. That was probably the one. There isn't a new one.

    Too bad!


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