Friday, July 3, 2009

Gory & nasty Hong Kong: THE BEASTS trailer

Here's the rare trailer for the gory, nasty, and unpleasant HK movie THE BEASTS (aka Flesh And Bloody Terror). Thanks to Andras for the link.


  1. The DVD is one of the crappiest ever but the flick is pretty cool! Booby trap! ☛ &
    Keep up the good work, your blog rocks!

  2. Hi,
    I can only agree with you, those Pearl City DVDs aren't very good! The only good thing about it is that people can finally get to watch the film (albeit in cut form) and that it's letterboxed. My dvdr off Dutch video looks better.

    Cheers mate! I appreciate your kind words heaps!!!

    I've known about your blog for quite a while now and I can't for the life of me figure out whether you're in Japan or France, haha. Regardless, thanks again.

  3. Thanks for sharing this Jack. Looks great. It gave me a Cannibal Holocaust and Last House on the Left vibe.


  4. My pleasure.
    And "The Beasts" is DEFINITELY over in that category! I reviewed the extra explicit version (the "Flesh and Bloody Terror) 15 years ago in an old fanzine and one of the things I pointed out was the "guy gets box full of nails land on top of his head" scene! It's totally insane and you ought to watch it. As Lyle said on Dvdmaniacs the DVD is alright. As far as I know it's trimmed by not heavily cut.

  5. Patrick!!!!!

    If you don't empty your dvd maniacs mail box I can't send you a reply!!! Damn Norwegian!!!


  6. Here is what the voice-over is saying (some lines are missing): "The violence is getting out of control! Hong Kong residents fear for their lives! Robbery! Assault! Rape! The worst of them are...The Beasts! Scary Eddie Chan, superstar Wang Ching, hottest action star Chan Sing in a strong performance - beautiful young women are quiet and dignified (...) Youth! Greed! Violence! Fight! Kill!Kill!Kill! This summer's sensation - The Beasts! Not suitable for children.

  7. It's empty now. But If it was the email respons it doesn't matter. I found it! I got it from you once when I was drunk. Hehe

  8. And thanks to you I WILL be viewing this soon. Thank you :D

  9. This was a pretty good movie. I've heard since the early 90's that the "fake" FLESH & BLOODY TERROR version was the creation of Thomas Weisser. The first place I ever saw the film listed was at his Video Search of Miami mail order service. I've never heard him admit, nor deny cutting the film together using porn inserts.

    Jack, you might find the Shaw crime flicks, MOBFIX PATROL and THE MURDERER PURSUES of interest as those two films use some of the same main cast as THE BEASTS as in the villains. That truly creepy looking Guan Jian Ming always reminded me of one of the Malay cannibals in some of the Italian jungle gut munchers of the 70's and early 80's.

  10. Hi Brian,
    Yeah I've heard the rumours about it being a VSoM creation and altho I didn't believe it at first (how could they stoop so low) the more time that passes without any collectors stumbling over an official old vhs release of this X version the more I do believe it to be the case. As sad as it is. Weisser has reviewed the film in his book and the HC stuff in even mentioned in brackets.

    I have never heard of MOBFIX PATROL or THE MURDERER PURSUES but I'll definitely try and get them. Thanks for the tip!

    Oh, and I can only recommend people to check out your own film blog "Cool Ass Cinema" (I've had a link to it on this page for some time now).

  11. Both those movies are available on DVD at dddhouse. They're not overly gruesome films, but they fall into the category of the sleazy CRIMINALS series. Wang Chung directed both. I enjoyed both and they both have their moments just don't expect something along the lines of THE BEASTS aside from some of the same cast members. I wrote some mini reviews for them at I think the thread was Obscure Shaw Brothers reviews or something like that. It was some time back.


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