Friday, July 24, 2009

Insanlari Seveceksin

Hey, I'm getting THIS tape...

...with THIS wild Cüneyt Arkin film on it:


  1. Sorry Jack, but this safesexin' stuff really sucks. I thought we made bad B up to Z- movies. But sometimes it's so lousy one needs to laugh, so not too bad afterall. LOL..

    secret word nopmtr

  2. Yeah, well, obviously they are not high standard films like the ones you and Nick did in the Philippines, haha. But I like them never-the-less. I have no idea if those movies were SAFESEX to watch, haha, but they sure are fun to watch. Yeah sure they ARE cheap; The Turks didn't have any budgets, didn't have any big expensive sets (that weren't built already mind you) and their actors had come from the street or circus or somewhere else (Erol Tas was discovered because someone from a production company saw him beat up some guys on the street, LOL). But they're full of enthusiasm and wild action and that's good enough in my book.


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