Sunday, August 16, 2009

Devil Times Five

I'm gonna get this, that for sure. xD

On Amazon


  1. It's a good movie. But some of the slow motion parts are just hilarious!

  2. Better don't watch this before sleeping..

  3. Sensational trailer.

    The voice-over alone is worth any effort to track it down.

    Thanks for posting this.

    I haven't seen it.

    Soon that will change.

    Very soon.

  4. LOL. Glad I could turn you in the right direction for once. Code Red put it out as a stand alone disc in 2008 and also on a Grindhouse double disc with "Mark of the Witch" earlier this year. I don't know if the first one is OOP but it's a whooping £23 on Amazon UK. The other one is quite cheap:

  5. I think the Code Red stand alone disc is OOP!

  6. It's ridiculous how quickly some of these things go out of print.

    Take for instance Volume 4 of BCI's excellent 8 film box series "Drive In Cult Classics"; This volume came out in January of this year but when I wanted to buy it from Amazon a couple of weeks back it was 400 dollars for a used box!!!

    Now you can get one for "only" $60 but still!! Fortunately, I found a brand new set on ebay UK for only only $24.


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