Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rush (1983)

Cover scan for my Danish Video2000 release of the Italian 1983 Tonino Ricci directed post-apocalypse flick RUSH!!! :D

(click scan for bigger size)

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  1. Entertaining little movie, but I always felt that the sequel is much stronger - and has better action. Of course I have both on some crappy old swedish x-rentals somewhere :)

  2. You may very well be right on that one as I haven't watched any of them. LOL.

  3. I agree with Ninja. The sequel has better action. Both very entertaining, though.

  4. Thanks, Phantom. Obviously none of you agree with the sole reviewer on IMDb:

    I think I managed to endure it with minimal brain damage...
    ...or not. This is one of Italy's worst post-nuke flicks, even worse than EXTERMINATORS OF THE YEAR 3000. Charisma-free hero Conrad Nichols prances around the desert killing and killing and killing gas mask wearing soldiers without end. In the end, his climactic battle with Gordon Mitchell (TEN COMMANDMENTS) atop an oil refinery is made laughable because Mitchell stunt double doesn't even attempt to hide his true identity! All this to the tune of Francesco De Masi's great music, which was shamelessly plundered from ESCAPE FROM THE BRONX and THE NEW YORK RIPPER. Plotless, pointless, boring... lots of action but it's all done quite badly, I doubt if Tonino Ricci ever actually showed up to any of the filming days, or if he did, he just gave his crew free reign. Giovanni Bergamini's camerawork is pretty good and Vincenzo Tomassi's editing is top-notch (as usual), but there's nothing to hold it all together aside from Tito Carpi's quickie script. A truly lame movie that won't do much for you unless you're a hard-core fan of Italian post-nuke action, though here it's even more cheesy and pointless than usual. See ESCAPE FROM THE BRONX or AFTER THE FALL OF NEW YORK instead.

    Conrad Nichols became the leading man in almost every subsequent film directed by Ricci, probably just because he had more than a stunning resemblance to more famous musclehead Italian action star Mark Gregory (who last I heard works in a pizza restaraunt in Rome). Lord only knows where Nichols is now... (probably a night-stocker at K-mart)

    Author: Michael A. Martinez ( from Los Angeles, CA

  5. I remember Michael A. Martinez, he had a nice little review-site (long gone) dedicated to Euro-trash cinema, in particular the post-apocalyptic genre. As to RUSH, I agree with Ninja and PoP. The sequel, RAGE is slightly better written and directed. Relatively speaking of course...
    Nice one, that Video2000 tape, Jack. My own Gadeby tape is a VHS...

  6. Thanks, Henrik. A pity I never saw that site. Do you remember the title of it? Yeah, that V2000 tape is fun to have and I'm sure I'm the only one who has a copy. xD

  7. That would be "Aylmer's Grisly Grimey Review"...

  8. Thanks. And guess what; I did a little digging and, lo and behold, "Aylmer's Grisly Grimey Review" isn't gone at all! He just changed the name and address. Never make it easy for the trash film aficionado! LOL.

    It's now "Kult Movie Maximus":

    Weird little site tho; no info on the person behind it all or when it was last updated (it may be another floater).

  9. Very cool. Been ages since I last read those reviews. :-)


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