Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Expendables - bootleg trailer

Here's a bootleg trailer from the Venice Film Festival for the new Sylvester Stallone movie, THE EXPENDABLES. Everyone's favourite Swede Dolph Lundgren is in it. Yay!

EDIT: As you can see the bootleg video is no longer on YouTube. Bummer! I made sure to download a copy as soon as I posted it initially and I could upload it directly to Blogger but, uh, I think I'll refrain from that. No point in waving a red flag in front of a big ass company when you're skint. Haha.

Hmm, but actually I thought Cirio H. Santiago already made THE EXPENDABLES in the Philippines!! :o)


  1. It looks a bit old-fashioned, classic early ninties I would say. But they don't show that much, so I'm looking forward even more for more trailers :)

  2. I thought RAMBO 4 was awesome! It was a complete return to the violent action movies of the 80s (times 10!). But of course that's no guarantee this one's gonna be any good.

  3. Rambo 4 is a masterpiece. I don't think this one will have the same level of violence though, but probably good entertainment.

  4. Rambo 4 or RAMBO is amazing!!

    Have the greek Expendables VHS. Haven't seen it yet.

    And no comment on the trailer, can't see any type of video on my work computer.

  5. ah yes!!! that's exactly what I thought! early 90's action! :D

  6. Hi there,
    Yeah, but it could go either way, I mean it could become really genetic and boring but then again RAMBO 4 was like an 80s action flick but even better and more gory than most action movies in the 80s (if you ask me anyway). I'll keep my fingers crossed.


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